Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Gang Li, Qiu Hong Lin, Dong Yan Zhao, Li Quan Wang

Abstract: Subsea Flange Connection Tool (SFCT) is a remote apparatus for connecting underwater bolted flanges, especially applied in the offshore...

Authors: Guo Jun Wang, Mei Hua Jiang, Shi Shun Zhu, An Tao Xu

Abstract: One of the biggest problems to predict the bending fatigue life of gear is lack of S-N data from the standard gear specimen. It is expensive...

Authors: Zhi Jun Wang, Guo Lei Zheng

Abstract: The definition and creation of assembly cells is one of the most important fundamentals of production general process planning. Currently,...

Authors: En Xia Yang, He Ping Liu, Chuan Bo Yi, Yan Dong

Abstract: A special seal is required at stern shaft, since it must serve the purposes of preventing both leakage of lubricating oil and seawater...

Authors: Shi Fan Zhu, Sanjeev Maharjan, Yong Xin Li, Lei Zhang

Abstract: . Excitation force produced during gear mating of power transmission system induces vibration to the gearbox. Resonance occurs when...

Authors: Kai Xue, Yong Xin Li, Dong Yan Shi, Sanjeev Maharjan, Lei Zhang

Abstract: The FE modeling of complex trunk structure often needs shell and solid elements. Different commercial software adopts different shell-solid...

Authors: Lin Zhao, Feng Ming Liu, Hai Jing Yuan, Hong Bin Zhao

Abstract: The design and manufacture for GGI are different and only several countries have the ability to produce it. Devising the feasible scheme for...

Authors: Gang Li, Yu Sun, Cheng Bin Du

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of magneto-rheological fluid, a new type of transmission device has been developed in this paper, in which...

Authors: Qing Liang Zeng, Yu Shan Li, Cheng Long Wang, Zhi Hai Liu

Abstract: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have been seen as promising vehicles which have merits of hybrid electric vehicles and electric...

Authors: Chun Ling Xie, Shu Ying Li

Abstract: Diesel engine power plant, gas turbine power plant and steam turbine power plant are in common use in ship main propulsion power. These...


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