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Authors: Sang Wook Lee, Yu Jin Na, Won Suk Choi, Sin Doo Lee
Abstract:The fundamental aspects of the wettability and the elasticity of soft matters, particularly, functional polymer solutions, lipid membranes,...
Authors: Yuan Ming Huang
Abstract:We demonstrated that a homologous series of banana-shaped liquid crystals, 1,3-phenylene bis(4-alkyloxybenzylideneamine), could assemble...
Authors: Shin Ying Lu, Liang Chy Chien
Abstract:We demonstrate a polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal (PSChLC) where the reflected color can be electrically-switched to reflect a...
Authors: S. Krishna Prasad
Abstract:Employing actinic light to alter/stabilize a particular thermodynamic phase via the photo-isomerization of the constituent molecules is an...
Authors: Hui Zhou, Wen Hao Yu, Bi Qin Wang, Ping Hu, Ke Qing Zhao
Abstract:Pd-Cu catalyzed homocoupling reaction has been used for the synthesis of symmetrical triphenylene discotic liquid crystal dimers,...
Authors: Bao You Liu, Hui Long Yang, Yi Ping Wang, Yuan Yuan Wang, Zhi Jie Wu, Fu Xiang Wei
Abstract:Sonogashira coupling of phenylacetylenes with phenyl iodides in 1-butyl-3-methyl- imidazolium bromide (BMImBr) was explored. Using...
Authors: Jie Han, Feng Yan Zhang, Juan Yu Wang
Abstract:The synthesis and characterization of a series of heterocyclic compounds 2a-2d based on 1,3,4-oxadiazole/ thiadiazole, furan and thiophene...
Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai
Abstract:A homologous series of three-benzene-ring containing bent-cores compounds 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(alkylcarboyloxyl)benzylideneamine] were...
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