Advances in Liquid Crystals

Volumes 428-429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin De Tang, Nian Feng Han, Jing Xu

Abstract: A2BA2-type amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymers containing azobenzene were synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization...

Authors: Jian Feng Ban, Shao Rong Lu, Chen Xi Zhang

Abstract: A series of novel biphenylnate liquid crystalline polyurethanes (BLCPs) were synthesized by polyaddition reaction of 4,4’-dihydroxybiphenyl...

Authors: Qing Yan, Ping Hu, Wen Hao Yu, Bi Qin Wang, Ke Qing Zhao

Abstract: To investigate the influence of alkyl chain on thermotropic and mesomorphic properties of 1,1’-disubstitued ferrocene derivatives, two...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: A three-ring containing bent-core compound 1,3-phenylene-bis(4-butoxybenzylidene amine) was synthesized and characterized with differential...

Authors: Muklesur Rahman, Wei Lee

Abstract: Colloids composed of liquid-crystal hydrosols exhibit a rich set of interesting phenomena. The coupling between liquid-crystalline media...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Bao Gai Zhai

Abstract: The optical absorption and photoluminescence spectra of banana-shaped molecules 1,3-phenylene bis(4-methoxybenzylideneamine) have been...

Authors: Wen Jun Zheng, Chen Yan Chiang, Chi Wi Ong

Abstract: The effect of temperature on the tilt of discotic columns in a columnar phase has been studied. The homogenous alignment of discotic columns...

Authors: Lan Li Chen, Bao Gai Zhai, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: We have investigated the photostability of an antiferroelectric banana-shaped liquid crystal 4-chloro-1,3-phenylene bis [4-(4-n-tetradecyl)...

Authors: Jing Bai, Shu Fang Fu, Xuan Zhang Wang

Abstract: Nonlinear bulk polaritons in uniaxial antiferromagnetic film are investigated under a magnetic field that is along the anisotropy axial. The...

Authors: Bao Gai Zhai, Lan Li Chen, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: By triangular wave method, the polarization currents of an azo-containing banana-shaped antiferroelectric liquid crystal were investigated...


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