Advances in Liquid Crystals

Volumes 428-429

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Qiang Huang

Abstract: Active matrices often related with high grade display devices, due to application of the storage elements, typically thin film transistor...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Bao Gai Zhai

Abstract: With the ultraviolet-visible spectrometer and photospectrometer, we have investigated the optical absorption and light emission from the...

Authors: Shu Fang Fu, Jing Bai, Sheng Zhou, Xiu Rong Qu, Hua Li, Xuan Zhang Wang

Abstract: The effect of molecular shape on molecular configuration of liquid crystalline polymers under shear flows is numerically analyzed using the...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Bao Gai Zhai

Abstract: The effects of ionic conductivity on the electro-optical properties of a chiral banana-shaped liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene...

Authors: I Min Jiang, Yu Jen Chen, Wen Chi Hung, C.T. Kuo, D.J. Jang, Chia Chi Shih, Ming Shan Tsai

Abstract: Nematic liquid crystals (NLCs) can be easily reoriented by the laser beam at the temperature closed to the nematic–isotropic phase...

Authors: Qing Lan Ma, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: Periodically birefringent thin films growing out of the isotropic phase of the banana-shaped liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis...

Authors: Cai Juan Xia, Han Cheng Liu, Peng Fei Cheng, Chang Feng Fang

Abstract: Using nonequilibrium Green’s function and first-principles calculations, we investigate the effects of different molecular conformations...

Authors: Wei Wei Liu, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: Lyotropic liquid crystal synthesized by sodium dodecyl sulfonate in the mixed solvent of distilled water through make the different...

Authors: Jia Ling Wang, Xin Du, Jia Lv, Tian Chi Yu, Zhi Xin Fan

Abstract: For the cholesteric liquid crystal (hereinafter short for Ch-LC) possesses special optical properties, it has specific applications in the...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai

Abstract: The influence of cooling rate on the phase transitions of a three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal...


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