Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Min Su, Shi Qi Zhao, Liang Yang

Abstract: In order to research the bionic mechanics in unsteady flow and the hydrodynamic performance of the oscillating tail fin, in this paper, an...

Authors: Hai Long Chen, A Man Zhang, Shi Li Sun

Abstract: The traditional calculation method of frequency-domain Green function mainly utilizes series or asymptotic expansion to carry out numerical...

Authors: Hui Xiong Wan, Hui Huang, Hai Bo Huang

Abstract: For multi-actuators speed control system driven by single pump, several effective control methods have been proposed, such as flow feedback...

Authors: Zhuo Yi Yang, Yong Jie Pang, Zai Bai Qin

Abstract: Cylinder shell stiffened by rings is used commonly in submersibles, and structure strength should be verified in the initial design stage...

Authors: Ming Yu, Shi E Yang

Abstract: Towed fishery detector in horizontality works passively to detect the location of the shoals of fish through detecting their noises. It can...

Authors: Jing Qiu Tang, Yan Bin Cui

Abstract: In this paper, the virtual prototype technology is used for the analyzing and optimizing high voltage breaker actuator’s cam machine. While...

Authors: Dan Zhao, Jia Tai Zhang, Ling Li Li

Abstract: Failure in FMS includes two aspects: equipment breakdown and tool failure of which should be considered in an excellent FMS scheduling...

Authors: Liang Zhang, Jing Zhao, Jian Hua Zhang, Jun Hao

Abstract: Offshore Wind Turbine (OWT) is a device to extract and convert offshore wind energy into useful electrical power. The typical concept design...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Na Li, Fang Liu, Run Hua Tan

Abstract: Functional periodicity is one of the important concepts of the complexity theory. Obtaining functional periodicity is the key of...

Authors: Wei Ma, Ji Guang Wang, Ji Shun Li, Yong Gang Liu

Abstract: A new type of resistance wind rotor with power-transmission cavity and three blades vertical axis is proposed. Computational Fluid Dynamics...


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