Damage Assessment of Structures VIII

Volumes 413-414

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.413-414

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Authors: Raid Karoumi, Knut Svedjetun, Staffan Gilliusson

Abstract: Inspections of Sweden’s longest suspension bridge, the approximately ten years old High Coast Suspension Bridge, have shown that the main...

Authors: Xing Long Liu, Zhong Wei Jiang

Abstract: Longitudinal vibration mode is conveniently used for damage localization and detection in truss structure. However, a satisfactory...

Authors: Riaz Ahmad Bhatti, Yan Rong Wang, Zhou Cheng Wang

Abstract: Particle impact damping (PID) is a technique of achieving high structural damping with small metallic particles embedded within a cavity...

Authors: Michael I. Friswell, Yong Yong He

Abstract: The concept that changes in the dynamic behaviour of a rotor could be used for general fault detection and monitoring is well established....

Authors: Fu Zhou Feng, Dong Dong Zhu, Peng Cheng Jiang, Hao Jiang

Abstract: A genetic algorithm-support vector regression model (GA-SVR) is proposed for machine performance degradation prediction. The main idea of...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Karen M. Holford, Bea Greaves

Abstract: The concept of harvesting energy is not a new one: there has been an interest in this area for around 10 years. Devices typically use either...

Authors: C.C. Ye, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, A.R. Chambers, F.J. Lennard, D.D. Eastop

Abstract: In the paper it is proposed to use fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors to monitor the deformation and strain in a woven textile. Non-contact...

Authors: Yue Quan Bao, James L. Beck, Hui Li

Abstract: In structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil structures, data compression is often needed for saving the cost of data transfer and storage...

Authors: L.R. Xia, Niao Qing Hu, G.J. Qin

Abstract: Turbopump is a high-fault-rate component in Liquid Rocket Engine (LRE). The research on real-time process monitoring technology and system...

Authors: Radoslaw Zimroz, Walter Bartelmus

Abstract: The paper explores the cyclo-stationary properties of vibration signals for estimation of gearbox condition. The advantage of such approach...


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