Damage Assessment of Structures VIII

Volumes 413-414

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.413-414

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Authors: Jean Jacques Sinou

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of the presence of transverse cracks in rotors. The dynamic response of the...

Authors: C.A. Featherston, Karen M. Holford, Greg Waring

Abstract: The use of structural health monitoring in the aerospace industry has many benefits including improved safety, reduced maintenance and...

Authors: B. Tesfa, R. Mishra, Feng Shou Gu, Andrew Ball

Abstract: Various research groups across the globe have developed models for engine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis based on the data from...

Authors: Abdelhamid Naid, Feng Shou Gu, Yi Min Shao, Salem Al-Arbi, Andrew Ball

Abstract: The induction motor is the most common driver in industry and has been previously proposed as a means of inferring the condition of an...

Authors: Yong Yong He, Xin Yun Yin

Abstract: Rubbing between the rotor and the stator is the frequent fault and will cause very serious accident, even catastrophe, to rotating...

Authors: F. Lu, Qian Chen

Abstract: This paper presents an initiative research work that applies cointegration testing method to the condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of...

Authors: Giacomo V. Demarie, Donato Sabia, Rosario Ceravolo

Abstract: The identification of non-linear systems is an important topic in structural health monitoring of structures undergoing non-stationary...

Authors: Guang Xiong Song, Yu Jiong Gu, Yong Yong He, Fu Lei Chu

Abstract: The steam turbine is the principal mover in the field of electric power generation. It is very important and necessary to monitor and...

Authors: Yi Hu, Rui Ping Zhou, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: The instantaneous speed signals of diesel contain lots of information about machine states, which is useful for fault diagnosis of diesel...

Authors: Shu Lian Liu, An Li, Shui Ying Zheng

Abstract: The fluid-solid coupling analysis of the nonlinear rotor-bearing system with labyrinth seal was presented. The dynamic equations of...


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