Ultra-High-Pumpability and High Performance Concrete Technology

Volumes 405-406

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.405-406

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Authors: Hao Wen Ye

Abstract: This paper introduces development and application of ultra-high strength/high performance concrete in construction of the Xita tower...

Authors: Nai Qian Feng, Hao Wen Ye

Abstract: In this paper, the technical problems are discussed, and a couple of countermeasures are proposed. To solve the problems of HPC, such as...

Authors: Nai Qian Feng, Quan Lin Niu, Chong Zhi Li

Abstract: Mineral powders play positive role in improving the durability of concrete subjected to alkaline and saline corrosion, where sulphate ion...

Authors: Da Li Zhang, Yuan Wang, Cui Hong Chen

Abstract: Durability of C100 concrete in Shenyang WAN XIN Hotel engineering including long-term mechanical properties, dynamic modulus of elasticity,...

Authors: Ke Liang Li, Xiu Sheng Tang, Guo Hong Huang, Hui Xu

Abstract: Performing the superposition effect of multi-elements mineral admixtures, high performance concrete (HPC) with 3% of silicon fume, 20% of...

Authors: Jian Biao Bai, Xiang Yu Wang, Hao Wang, Chao Jiong Hou

Abstract: The high-moisture quick-concreting material is a special type of cement which can be quick-concreting and full solidifying under the...

Authors: Heng Jing Ba, Ai Li Guo, Ying Zi Yan

Abstract: According to the theory of dense packing of particle, the theoretical particle size distribution of raw materials of RPC (Reactive Powder...

Authors: Feng Xing, Zhan Huang, Bi Qin Dong, Hui Yin, Jun Liu, Ming Zhang

Abstract: The paper discussed the mix principle, performance target and the technical demands for the underground high performance concrete combined...

Authors: Yi Bo Yang, Song Liang, Hai Hong Mo, You Wen Chen, Jun Sheng Chen, Ling Zhen Ba

Abstract: Guangzhou Xita Project uses a special exterior frame which consists of huge inclining concrete-filled columns. To ensure the engineering...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Cheng Xu Gong

Abstract: This paper reports the tensile properties of a new class of engineered cementitious composite with characteristic of low drying shrinkage....


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