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Authors: Jie Zhao, Gai Fei Peng, Zhan Qi Guo, Xian Wei Chen
Abstract:This paper presents the whole procedures that should be followed when carrying out the simulation analysis on the damage by fire to...
Authors: Jing Liu, De Hua Deng, Ming Yin, Xu Li Hu
Abstract:In this paper, the influence of polypropylene fibers (PPF) and silica fume (SF) on chloride penetration of high performance concrete (HPC)...
Authors: Zong Cai Deng, Jian Hui Li, He Fei Lin
Abstract:In order to investigate the strengthening effects of aramid fiber reinforced polymer (AFRP) sheets on the flexural performance of the...
Authors: Xiao Xin Feng, Xiao Hua Sun, Xiao Yan Wang, Qing Min Wei
Abstract:Through accelerating the hydration by heighening the curing temperature, the effect of the hydration of the unreacted cement in the hardened...
Authors: Dong Mei Liu, Kun He Fang, Hua Shan Yang
Abstract:The strengthening effect of phosphorus slag powder (PSP) in cement-based materials was researched by model of strengthening effect of mineral...
Authors: Yuan Wang, Da Li Zhang, Cui Hong Chen
Abstract:This paper investigated a new type of admixture which can be used to enhance the resistance of concrete surface to deicing salt...
Authors: Jia Ying Sun, Hua Qin Jiang, Shao Feng Sui
Abstract:Through the experiment, this paper carries on the appraisal to the cracking risk of cross-sea bridge concrete. Analyzed the influence of...
Authors: Jun Wu Xia, Hong Fei Chang
Abstract:This paper reports the experimental study on the mechanical characteristics of bending component with ground granulated blastfurnace slag...
Authors: Wen Cui Yang, Yong Ge, Jie Yuan, Bao Sheng Zhang
Abstract:Inorganic salts are important admixtures usually used in cold weather concrete. As research basic of influence of salts on concrete...
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