Ultra-High-Pumpability and High Performance Concrete Technology

Volumes 405-406

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.405-406

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Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Shao Bo Zhang, Ming Kai Zhou, Bei Xing Li

Abstract: The crusher dust in Manufactured fine aggregate (MFA), e.g. limestone powder in calcareous MFA, constitutes micro gradation of the aggregate...

Authors: Pei Wei Gao, Fei Geng, Xiao Lin Lu

Abstract: The hydration and expansive characterization of a novel concrete expansive agent were investigated in this paper. The results showed that...

Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Nai Qian Feng

Abstract: Concrete conductivity is the reflection of the micro pore structure and the pore solution conductivity of concrete, but the conductivity of...

Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Nai Qian Feng

Abstract: Corrosion resistance coefficient of mortars incorporating different mineral admixtures were tested according to GB2420, and the expansion...

Authors: Quan Lin Niu, Chong Zhi Li

Abstract: Charge passed of mortars with different aggregate volume fractions was tested according to ASTM C1202, and the differential expression of...

Authors: Li Rong Yang, Xiao Xin Feng, Chun Mei Wang, Ji Wei Cai

Abstract: The binding of sodium and potassium into cement paste influences the performance of concrete: for example, alkali balances between solid and...

Authors: Wei Chen, Hai Hong Mo, Yi Bo Yang, Song Liang, You Wen Chen, Ling Zhen Ba, Jun Sheng Chen, Wen Ying Guo

Abstract: The chloride-resistant high performance concrete to be used is a basic technology to increase its durability in high chloride-ion...

Authors: Yong Ge, Jie Fan, Jie Yuan, Wen Cui Yang, Bao Sheng Zhang, Ji Shou Yu

Abstract: Permeation length, permeation coefficient of water permeated into concrete and chloride ion diffusion coefficient of C30, C45 and C60...

Authors: Ting Yu Hao, Zhi Gang Wu

Abstract: Concrete permeability has been an important part of durability assessment of existing structures. The preliminary application of in-situ...

Authors: Yong Ge, Wen Cui Yang, Jie Yuan, Bao Sheng Zhang, Ai Ling Xiong

Abstract: The frost resistance of concrete subjected to 3.5% NaCl solution, 5%, 7%, and 10% Na2SO4 solution and seawater were investigated by quick...


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