High-Performance Ceramics VI

Volumes 434-435

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.434-435

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Authors: Pu Liang Zhang, Bin Liu, Dong Zhang, Yong Wei Tao, Sheng Rong Yang, Jin Qing Wang

Abstract: Ceramic coatings were produced on magnesium (Mg) alloy of AZ91D for biomaterial applications by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) and...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Hong Lin, Jian Bao Li, Xin Li, Xiao Chong Zhao

Abstract: Screen printing has been considered to be the simplest and quickest way to fabricate dye- sensitized solar cells (DSCs) modules for an...

Authors: Teen Hang Meen, Wun Yue Shih, Walter Water, Jenn Kai Tsai, Yu Sung Liu, Chi Ting Ho, Chien Jung Huang

Abstract: In this research, vertically oriented TiO2 nanotube was fabricated on ITO glass by electrochemistry method, and investigated by the...

Authors: Jenn Kai Tsai, Ju Yu Wei, Yi Chi Chen, You Cheng Jheng, Teen Hang Meen

Abstract: In this study, well-aligned single-crystalline zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods arrays were synthesized on Si substrate by simple hydrothermal...

Authors: Fa Hui Li, Jian Bao Li, Hong Lin, Cun Xin Huang, Mu Yun Lei, Hong Bing Du

Abstract: The present paper summarizes the technology and basic process for fabricating transparent ceramic MgAl2O4 spinel and introduces a scalable...

Authors: Chien Chen Diao, Chao Chin Chan, Chia Ching Wu, Cheng Fu Yang

Abstract: “GfE Coating Materials Company” had developed a novel AZOY transparent conducting oxide (TCO) material that used ZnO as raw material and...

Authors: Xiang Hui Chang, Duan Wei He, Jie Zhang, Yong Tao Zou, Jiang Hua Wang, Tie Cheng Lu

Abstract: Nano-sized MgAl2O4 powders were treated at 500~1000 oC in a vacuum of 10-3Pa for 2 h, and then sintered at 500~900 oC under 1~6 GPa. The...

Authors: Ying Chun Shan, Jiu Jun Xu, Chun Long Guan, Jiang Tao Li

Abstract: Yttrium-doped α-sialon ceramics with different compositions were prepared by two-steps hot pressing (first heating to 1750 °C holding for 60...

Authors: Tao Feng, Dan Yu Jiang, Jian Lin Shi

Abstract: Cr-doped Y3ScxAl(5-x)O12(Nd:YSAG) powder have been prepared with a combustion method. The powders are nanosized and a pure cubic phase when...

Authors: Jiu Jun Xu, Ying Chun Shan, Jiang Tao Li, Yong Ge Cao

Abstract: Large scale translucent yttrium-doped α-sialon (80 mm in diameter) with the composition of Y0.4Si9.6Al2.4O1.2N14.8 (m=1.2 and n=1.0) was...


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