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Authors: Wen Tao Sui, Chang Hou Lu
Abstract: A method of vibration analysis for mechanical fault detection based on adaptive noise canceling(ANC) and envelope analysis was presented. The adaptive filtering was used for noise canceling and feature extraction from vibration signal measured for the detection. The envelope analysis based on analytic wavelet was also used for the fault detection. Experiment shows that the method proposed in this paper is very effective for reducing noise, and for vibration analysis to discriminating the fault types with a high accuracy.
Authors: Wen Tao Sui, Dan Zhang
Abstract: A method for canceling noise in mechanical signals was presented, which was based on adaptive filtering and discrete wavelet transform Through multi-scale decomposition of wavelet transform, the isolated noise components was as the input signals of the adaptive filter. Through the simulated signal, it shows that the method can achieve noise reduction of non-stationary signals. The proposed approach for noise reduction has been successfully applied to fault diagnosis of bearing signals.
Authors: Dan Zhang, Wen Tao Sui
Abstract: In order to eliminate the noise in ECG signal and increase the diagnosis efficiency, a method based on morphological filtering and wavelet algorithm is proposed. The morphological filters is used to filter out the baseline interference signal, and the wavelet transform is applied to remove high frequency interference. The experiment proves that the algorithm is effective.
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Yan Mei Cui, Hui Zhao
Abstract: A 3D thermal-mechanical coupled was established for simulation model with technique of engineering thermodynamics and theory of nonlinear finite element during H-Beam rolling. The whole process of H-Beam rolling was repeated overall, and base on the known rolling regulations. The rules of temperature distribution were obtained for intersection deformation of web and flange during H-Beam hot rolling, and 45 steel as rolling stock. The studied achievements indicated that temperature of the stock presented tendency fall down, but tendency heighten in some domain, because of the thermal conductivity, heat radiation and convection and heat generation of plastic work done. The simulation results will have guiding meaning for defining rolling regulations and precise boundary condition of temperature for H-Beam.
Authors: Xian Zhang Feng, Jen Feng Wang
Abstract: At the stage of the start and end for rolling H-beam by universal rolling method, there exists biting and tailing-out phenomenon in the stage, the rolling bodies endures repeating impact loading for the bearings. In order to ensure the working safety and reliability for universal roll mill, according to Hertz contact theory, small deformation superposition principle, and etc. Setting bearing clearance is 0.1 mm, maximum rolling force is 8000 KN for the level rollers, without consideration of influence of friction, and researches and deduces the mathematic models of force calculation for rolling bodies. The results shows that the thickness of the rolling bearing had very little effect on load distribution of rolling body, the calculated results coincide better with finite element results, and the achievements can supply a reference of the production of hot rolling for H-beam.
Authors: Zhen Guo Chen, Guang Hua Zhang, Li Qin Tian, Zi Lin Geng
Abstract: The rate of false positives which caused by the variability of environment and user behavior limits the applications of intrusion detecting system in real world. Intrusion detection is an important technique in the defense-in-depth network security framework and a hot topic in computer security in recent years. To solve the intrusion detection question, we introduce the self-organizing map and artificial immunisation algorithm into intrusion detection. In this paper, we give an method of rule extraction based on self-organizing map and artificial immunisation algorithm and used in intrusion detection. After illustrating our model with a representative dataset and applying it to the real-world datasets MIT lpr system calls. The experimental result shown that We propose an idea of learning different representations for system call arguments. Results indicate that this information can be effectively used for detecting more attacks with reasonable space and time overhead. So our experiment is feasible and effective that using in intrusion detection.
Authors: Zhan Mao Cao, Wen Jun Xiao, Li Min Peng
Abstract: A brand new performance assessment model is proposed for multiple sequence alignment. The new strategy is based on beam constructing of DC-BTA algorithm, which is a Divide-and-Conquer alignment method with beams. Beams form blocks of almost the identical columns and contribute biggest similarity weight to sequences. A formula to compute all beam areas covering a sequence assigns a value or weight to the sequence. And the total beam area is a partial to the whole alignment. A rate value between 0 and 1 is computed to assess the performance. This scheme is a simple and effective assessment policy in DC-BTA for the convenience of collecting the beam areas.
Authors: Xiao Chen
Abstract: For high-speed data acquisition and real-time transmission and processing requirements of ultrasonic measurement system, a wireless USB-based ultrasonic data transmission method was presented, combining wireless communication technology with the advantages of USB interface technology. The system consists of ultrasonic signal acquisition module, data transmission module, data acquisition module and the computer. The system uses Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC CYRF69213 chip for wireless data transmission and the chip microcomputer inside as the main control unit. This chip recorded data to the computer and displayed through USB interface. The system is a single-chip USB interface design with very few external components. The system has an USB interface advantages such supporting hot-swappable, plug and play features and the realization of wireless transmission of data without the need for layout of communications cables. The transmission system has good stability, small size, low power, high-performance features, which has a good application prospects.

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