Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Ping Wang, Li Ying Yan

Abstract: An entropy fuzzy matter-element model is combined, based on the establishment of credit risk evaluation index system of the power listed...

Authors: Ji Hong Zhou, Yan Jun Lian

Abstract: Manganese in water has low toxicity. The product will form the yellow stain when the industrial water content is high. There are many ways...

Authors: Ji Hong Zhou, Shu Kai Zhao

Abstract: The risk assessment is a very important aspect in the process of plant construction and operation. The risk factors of Bio-technology Group,...

Authors: Xiao Gao Yu

Abstract: The resource limitation of mobile commerce systems cause the problem that the existing image processing software based on the centralized...

Authors: Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: Luxury consumption in China has seen a rapid development over recent years. From the eyes of luxury suppliers, China is a huge market with...

Authors: Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: With rapid development of search engine users, the auto bidding for search engine keywords is stealthily rising and such kind of service is...

Authors: Qing Hua Zhang

Abstract: As the principal body of technology innovation and the core value-creator, the high performance of knowledgeable employees in...

Authors: Xue Dou Yu

Abstract: By analyzing the structure of PDF files as well as the characteristics of CORBA technology and taking the information dump from PDF files to...

Authors: Xue Dou Yu

Abstract: In the paper we adopted CDIO as the guiding ideology, analyzed the shortcomings in laboratory and equipment management and the relevant...

Authors: Jin Jun Rao, Zhen Jiang, Zhen Bang Gong, Zhen Zhang

Abstract: Subminiature fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) present enormous potential. In order to develop a robotic SUAV with significant...


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