Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Chen

Abstract: To overcome the shortcomings of wired temperature and humidity measurement system, a temperature and humidity measuremet system based on...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Shuang Lin Zhao

Abstract: In recent years, logistics outsourcing has gained increasing importance and today is used by a large number of firms across virtually all...

Authors: Xin Jiang Song, Wei Wang

Abstract: Soil saturation degree plays an important role in mechanic behavior of soil-concrete interface. Laboratory experiments are conducted on...

Authors: Ran Chen, Dong Ye Sun

Abstract: A new kind design scheme of sensing system for tire pressure monitoring system was introduced in this paper. In order to measure the...

Authors: Hui Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Jun Wu Zhu

Abstract: Aiming at the existing of a large number of distributed and heterogeneous application systems cross-application of rights management issues,...

Authors: Jia Di Wan, Yuan Biao Zhang, Lei Cai, Chuan He

Abstract: This paper presents a solution of the Optimal Tolerance Design Problems for the production of power transformers. Based on statistical and...

Authors: Hai Lian Gui, Qing Xue Huang, Ya Qin Tian, Zhi Bing Chu

Abstract: Based on fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) and mixed variational inequality, a new method named mixed fast multipole boundary...

Authors: Hai Lian Gui, Qing Xue Huang

Abstract: In order to improve the efficient and accuracy, parallel algorithm of fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) was presented....

Authors: Dong Fang Luo, Xin Ling Wen

Abstract: With the implementation of electric power market, it is a difficult problem to provide the high quality and safety electric power, so, the...

Authors: Guang Hua Zhang, Zhen Guo Chen

Abstract: A robust trust model based on group for P2P environments-RobustGroup is put forward, which measures trust values based on the group...


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