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Authors: Pei Jiang, Li Dong, Gao Li Yang
Abstract:With the progress of human society and the rapid development of economy, the world's energy shortages have become increasingly prominent and...
Authors: Jie Min Zhao
Abstract:An instability result of a problem in artificial intelligence is given by means of the analysis and computing method.
Authors: Jie Min Zhao
Abstract:A periodicity result of information signal is given by Liapunov’s second method.
Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Yao Zheng
Abstract:Global Positioning System(GPS)is able to identify real-time information of moving objects quickly and efficiently, such as longitude,...
Authors: Chao Zhang, Zi Yang Zhen, Dao Bo Wang, Xin Yu Meng
Abstract:In this paper the application of linear quadratic (LQ) optimal control based techniques to a thrust vectoring unmanned aerial vehicle...
Authors: Lin Lin, Jia Jin Qi, Nan Tian Huang, Shi Guang Luo
Abstract:Power quality (PQ) analysis is the foundation of power system automation. The premise of power quality analysis is feature representation of...
Authors: Lin Lin, Jia Jin Qi, Nan Tian Huang
Abstract:Power quality waveform distortion detection is one of the most important works for power quality diagnosis. It is the basis to decide when to...
Authors: Sha Zhao, Yuan Biao Zhang, Qian Wan, Zhi Min Jiang
Abstract:In terms of the design of the Core Section, aiming at the half of the core circumcircle, for the case of the Core Section without the...
Authors: Zhi Gang Zhou
Abstract:One of the key points resulting in the success of differential evolution (DE) is its mechanism of different mutation strategies for...
Authors: Wen Jin Dai, Shao Fu Wang
Abstract:In order to solve the problem of group delay of filter design, this paper presents pre-distorted design method with Bessel function for...
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