Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Juan Shi

Abstract: Combining cerebella model articulation controller with sliding mode control, a novel control algorithm is designed. It adopts neuron PID...

Authors: Jin Liang Li, Ji Hua Bao, Yan Yu

Abstract: This paper studied the localization problem for a rescue robot based on laser scan matching and extended Kalman filtering (EKF). Scan...

Authors: Hui Li, Pei Ling Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve DCSK scheme’s efficiency and robust in multipath channel, a novel multi-bit DCSK system was put forward. The system’s...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Yu Fei Zhou, Jun Ning Chen

Abstract: This paper introduces the phenomenon of nonlinear chaos of the peak current mode to control H bridge converter that has been known to become...

Authors: Wei Jiang, Yu Fei Zhou, Jun Ning Chen, Wen Long Hu

Abstract: This paper analysis the work principle of peak current mode H bridge converter. It can observe the system exhibits a kind of special...

Authors: Jin Hua Xia, Dong Rong Liu

Abstract: The safety assessment of the production process can provide scientific basis for management decisions. The application of neural network...

Authors: Li Xia Liu, Yi Qi Zhuang

Abstract: As a general-purpose simulation framework, HLA has been widely used in the field of distributed interactive simulations. Based on the...

Authors: Li Xia Liu, Yi Qi Zhuang

Abstract: Clustering techniques are often used in Web log mining to analyze user’s interest on the web pages. Based on the analysis of advantages and...

Authors: Guo Lang Chen

Abstract: The traditional plat network design method can not meet the requirements of scale enlarge and performance expansion of network. Based on the...

Authors: Shao Jie Sun, Qiong Wu, Guo Hui Li

Abstract: Overlap-blur is caused by the relative movement of high speed between the camera and the object during the exposure process, which is one of...


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