Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jie Li, Yong Kui Liu, Fei Xue Huang

Abstract: This paper presents a generating algorithm at pixel level for parametric curve. The parallel particle sub-swarm optimization is used to...

Authors: Ye Zhang, Zhan Lin Yu

Abstract: In this paper we propose a general framework for computing similarity between concepts. This framework generalizes the Tversky’s model of...

Authors: Qian Mu Li, Zhi Zhao, Xiang He Wei, Man Wu Xu

Abstract: This paper puts forward a designing method of Dependable Network System Security Risk Diagnosis (DSSRD). It gets reduced information table,...

Authors: Geng Liang, Hui Wan, Xing Zhou, Wen Li

Abstract: Expanded State Observer (ESO) can be used in the control of plants with uncertainties to achieve better effects. Many theoretical and...

Authors: Geng Liang, Wen Li, Yan Bai

Abstract: At present, objects dictionary (OD) and object descriptions used in fieldbus intelligent instruments are based on variable-sized storage and...

Authors: Chun Bo Xiu, Li Fen Lu, Yi Cheng

Abstract: A hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed based on chaos optimization. The optimization process can be divided into two stages every iteration,...

Authors: Qi Lei, Shuang Qing Yi, Li Wei Pan, Yu Chuan Song

Abstract: Aiming at the features of the common Supply Chain quality management, an intelligent Supply Chain quality management system based on Six...

Authors: Yan Niu, Jiang Yi Du, La La Li

Abstract: Digital Watermarking as the offset of information wrap technology was embedded secret information in digital products in order to protect...

Authors: Jiang Tao Huang, Xiao Wen Cao, Wu Jin Li

Abstract: Rolling bearings are vital elements in rotating machinery and vibration signal is a kind of effective mean to characterize the status of...

Authors: Jia Zhuo Wang

Abstract: When there is occlusion, the measurement matrix collecting trajectories of features points in SFM would be incomplete. In this paper, we...


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