Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Ping Yan, Qing Hua Zhou, Qi Feng Wang, Fei Liu

Abstract: The real-time, the consistency and the accuracy of information transmission in cutting process are poor, and it is hard for manufacturing...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Ai Fen Sun

Abstract: With the rapid and sustainable development of China's economic construction and adjustment of industrial structure, requires a lot of...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Xiao Min Yan, Hui Wang

Abstract: Recently, logistics management has become a main problems to China’s enterprises .On the one hand, the logistics cost too high is a hard...

Authors: Bao Zhu Li, Ran Bi, Qing Zhang

Abstract: The index system of the E-commerce websites is qualitative, but almost all of them are lack of weights. This paper built a reasonable index...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Xin Li, Ran Bi

Abstract: Information technology develops faster and faster, while the information talent have become more important than ever. The Analytic Network...

Authors: Bao Zhu Li, Ran Bi

Abstract: In recent decades most work organizations have come to rely on information technology for internal operations such as record-keeping,...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Ting Yuan, Ran Bi

Abstract: Environmental logistics was paid great attention as the results of the rapid developments of society and economy, and threats of the...

Authors: Yan Zhou, Jin Yu Wei

Abstract: This paper analyzes psychological and behavioral characteristics of the crowd when unexpected events happen, and combined with psychological...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Xin Li, Ran Bi

Abstract: Human resource management's objective, is to maximize the return on investment from the organization's human capital and minimize financial...

Authors: Jin Yu Wei, Jing Zhuang, Ran Bi

Abstract: with the development of economic, the service industry which is one of the most important component of GDP, is developing very fast. This...


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