Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Jun Rao, Tong Yue Gao, Zhen Jiang, Zhen Bang Gong

Abstract: Portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (PUAVs) present an enormous application potential, and the real time accurate position and attitude...

Authors: Chuang Li

Abstract: Circular economy provides strategic theory paradigm for the transformation from traditional economy to sustainable development economy, so...

Authors: Li Ping Wang

Abstract: After 80s of the last century, the regional economic integration is the prominent characteristics of the development of world economy and...

Authors: Wei Feng Ma, Xiao Yong Sun

Abstract: Facing to the problem of increasingly serious water pollution, it is significant to monitor the key sewage displacements in real time and...

Authors: Xi Yuan Chen, Miao Liang Zhu

Abstract: Semantic; Trust Management; RBAC; User-role Assignment Abstract. The application of RBAC in access management of the enterprise services...

Authors: Wei Fang, Zhi Ming Cui

Abstract: The main problems in Web Pages classification are lack of labeled data, as well as the cost of labeling the unlabeled data. In this paper we...

Authors: Wei Fang, Zhi Ming Cui

Abstract: Deep Web information is heterogeneous and dynamic. How to make use of this information effectively is a challenging task. To handle this...

Authors: Dan Ma, Zhan Qing Chen, Xian Lei Shan

Abstract: For metal weld joints, due to the complex non-linear relationship among the factors which influence the fatigue performance, so it is hard...

Authors: Fan Zhang, Yuan Biao Zhang, Jian Zhang Yu, Jian Bo Wang

Abstract: Order arrangement is always the headache thing for manufacturers even in this high-tech modern society. Hence, this paper manages to...

Authors: Qian Mu Li, Rui Wang, Jie Yin, Jun Hou

Abstract: Network security, data management, data synchronization Abstract. The aim of Network of Satellite and Ground Security Management...


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