High-Performance Ceramics VI

Volumes 434-435

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.434-435

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Authors: Cheng Zhang, Ji Lu, Hui Huang

Abstract: Machinability of ceramics is a comprehensive behavior resulting from the interactions of several factors. In this paper, the fuzzy...

Authors: Tian Ma, Heng Du, Zi Li Yan, Zheng Cao Li, Jian Chun Zhang

Abstract: Two groups of silicon carbide ceramics were prepared by pressureless sintering processing with a small amount of boron and carbon as...

Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Jian Li, Rui Fen Wu, Wei Pan

Abstract: Ti(C,N) cermets were prepared by SPS method. The effects of nickel salt coating as well as ball milling times on the microstructure and...

Authors: Sha Li, Hai Yan Du, Duo Yang, Ji Ping Guo, Di Song, Gui Yan Li

Abstract: Porous SiO2 ceramics had been successfully prepared by gelcasting. The open porosity of obtained samples was between 0.40 and 0.46, which...

Authors: Qi Hui Jia, Jia Chen Liu, Ji Ping Guo, Xiong Wei Du, Zhong Jie Wang, Wen Jun Wang

Abstract: Porous mullite was prepared from a reactive mixture of Al metal powder and the fly ash produced by power plant. The sintering ceramics was...

Authors: Rui Xu, Hai Yan Du, Shi Hui Li, Xiong Wei Du, Qiang Zheng, Zhi Hong Zuo

Abstract: Porous mullite were prepared by coating Al(OH)3 on the surface of the particles of waste fly ash. The effects of content of urea on...

Authors: Yuan Li, Ji Qiang Gao, Jian Feng Yang

Abstract: Two domestic silicon carbide powders with different particle size distribution and one petroleum coke powder were blended in proportion and...

Authors: Mei Rong Wang, Tie Song Lin, Pei Gang He, De Chang Jia

Abstract: A novel evaluation method of pozzolanic activity of metakaoline is studied. The pozzolanic activity can be evaluated by the measurement of...

Authors: Xiao Peng, Li Zhuan, Xiong Xiang

Abstract: Carbon fibre reinforced carbon and silicon carbide dual matrix composites (C/C-SiC) are new type of high performance brake materials, and...

Authors: Jian Li Zhao, Chang An Wang, Akira Yamaguchi, Jia Lin Sun, Xin Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Al4SiC4 is probably used as non-oxide raw material for high-temperature ceramics. Al4SiC4 was synthesized by using starting materials of...


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