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Authors: Konstantine A. Fetfatsidis, Cynthia Mitchell, James A. Sherwood, Eric Harvey, Peter Avitabile
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Traditional ply-based and zone-based models are limited in their ability to account for the fiber directions resulting from the forming of...
Authors: Prasad Potluri, Raj Ramgulam, Marco Chilo, Haseeb Arshad
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Abstract. Composites are processed by a variety of forming techniques at both preforming and consolidation stages; ranging from hand draping,...
Authors: Jean Guillaume Orliac, Adrien Charmetant, Fabrice Morestin, Philippe Boisse, Stephane Otin
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:In order to simulate 3D interlock composite reinforcement behavior in forming processes like Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), it is necessary to...
Authors: Adrien Charmetant, Emmanuelle Vidal-Sallé, Philippe Boisse
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:The preforming stage of the LCM composite manufacturing processes lead to fibrous reinforcement deformations which may be very large...
Authors: Frédéric Hanot, Kristof Vanclooster, Stepan V. Lomov
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Knitted steel fiber fabrics are used in the fabrication of automotive windshields. To obtain the complex window shapes, the leading...
Authors: Elena Syerko, Sebastien Comas-Cardona, Christophe Binetruy
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:The properties of final composite parts depend on properties of dry preforms often being formed over doubly-curved shapes. In this case the...
Authors: Hajer Lamari, Amine Ammar, Adrien Leygue, Francisco Chinesta
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Matrices employed in composites parts of aeronautic structures consist of a thermoset / thermoplastic mixture. Thermoplastic is introduced in...
Authors: Pierpaolo Carlone, Gaetano S. Palazzo
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) processes, widely used to manufacture thermosetting matrix composite materials, are characterized by the...
Authors: Hans Christian Schmidt, Ulf Damerow, Christian Lauter, Bernhard Gorny, Frederik Hankeln, Werner Homberg, Thomas Troester, Hans Jürgen Maier, Rolf Mahnken
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:A new and promising approach to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the use of improved lightweight constructions based on...
Authors: Bert Rietman, Sebastiaan P. Haanappel, René H.W. ten Thije, Remko Akkerman
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract:Simulations of manufacturing processes are of utmost importance in order to check on process feasibility of composites products already...
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