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Edited by: C. Boulesteix
Online since: January 1992
Description: The relative importance of oxides in the field of materials science has been spectacularly increasing during the last twenty years. First the study of ferroelectrics kept the attention of scientists. Nevertheless this domain is far from being worked out and a lot of new results and of new fields of interest were recently discovered.


Edited by: J. Nowotny
Online since: January 1992
Description: The purpose of the present volume is to address several selected issues in relation to the preparation and properties of ceramic materials for electronics and to present a survey of the progress of the most important areas in this field.


Edited by: D.B. Kushev
Online since: January 1992


Edited by: D.J.Fisher
Online since: January 1991


Edited by: A.J. Burggraaf, J. Charpin and L. Cot
Online since: January 1992
Description: Membranes are playing a central role in a great variety of technological processes. Due to their physical and chemical properties the new classes of inorganic and organic polymer membranes play an ever increasing role in many applications.


Edited by: G. Staikov
Online since: January 1991
Description: The volume presents research and review papers on the science and technology of beta-aluminas and beta batteries. The contributions deal with experimental, theoretical and applied aspects of this technologically so important field.


Edited by: R. Rodriguez-Clemente
Online since: January 1991
Description: This collection of extended review papers is based on lectures by some of the best known experts in the field of crystal growth and characterization; the lectures were originally presented at the international school on crystal growth and crystallographic assessment of industrial materials, held in Sitges, Spain, in May 1990.


Edited by: C. Ganguly, S.K. Roy and P.R. Roy
Online since: January 1991
Description: These proceedings present the 38 invited papers presented at the outstanding international conference on Advanced Ceramics, held in Bombay in November 1990.


Edited by: P.J. Darragh and R.J. Stead
Online since: January 1991


Edited by: Kang Yong Lee and Hideaki Takahashi
Online since: January 1991
Description: The book sums up our present knowledge of the field and also provides a lot of new research results.


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