Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.H. Lee, Kwang Yong Lee, Jin Soo Bae, Jae Ho Lee, Ji Young Byun, D.B. Hyun, Tae Sung Oh

Abstract: Electroplating behavior of Bi 2Te 3 and thermoelectric properties of the electroplated Bi 2Te 3 ...

Authors: Motohiro Yamada, Masahiro Fukumoto, Toshiaki Yasui

Abstract: Si 3N 4 thick coating was fabricated by reactive RF plasma spraying, in which elemental Si reacted with surrounding...

Authors: In Sup Lee

Abstract: Plasma nitrocarburizing treatment was performed for SCM 435 steel by using a pulsed plasma ion nitriding system. The effects of the...

Authors: Hirokazu Tahara

Abstract: In magneto-plasma-dynamic (MPD) arcjet generators, plasma is accelerated by electromagnetic body forces. The MPD arcjet generator ...

Authors: Dae Geun Kim, Jin Soo Bae, Jae Ho Lee, Yang Do Kim, Yoo Min Ahn

Abstract: Electroless copper plating was investigated for the electronics applications, such as a metallization for ULSI and MEMS etc. The role of...

Authors: Fumiaki Matsui, Masami Shibao, Naoharu Yoshida, Kimihiro Shibata, Hiroki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Sakurai, Akio Hirose, Kojiro F. Kobayashi

Abstract: The behavior of bake-hardening of the laser weldment was investigated. The bake-hardening steel(BH steel) was welded with Nd:YAG laser...

Authors: J.H. Choi, B.Y. Jung, S.W. Jun, Y. Kim, Tae Sung Oh

Abstract: Reactions between 48Sn-52In solder and under bump metallurgies(UBM) such as 100nmTi/8µm Cu and 300nm Al/400nm Ni(V)/400nm Cu have been...

Authors: J.K. Choi, H.B. Kang, J.W. Lee, Seung Boo Jung, Cheol Woong Yang

Abstract: Interfacial reaction between electroless plated Ni-P/Au UBM(Under Bump Metallization and eutectic Sn-58mass%Bi solder was studied by using...

Authors: Tae Kyo Han, Ki Heok Kim, Byoung Ik Kim, Chung Yun Kang, In Su Woo, Jong Bong Lee

Abstract: The effect of welding conditions on defects, microstructure, mechanical properties and formability of CO2welded 800MPa grade TRIP...

Authors: Yasuhiro Ujimoto, Kazuyuki Hokamoto, J.S. Lee

Abstract: This paper presents a new method of explosive welding using underwater shock waves. The method renders the possibility of accelerating a ...


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