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Authors: Taewon Kim, Jong Cheol Kim, Yu Hasegawa, Yasuo Suga
Abstract:Recently, magnesium alloy is in the limelight as ECological material with high ability of recycling and lightweight property. Especially,...
Authors: Takeshi Shinoda, Junki Suzuki
Abstract:Two kinds of aluminum alloys have been used as lap joint in FSW. Experiments are selected to observe metal flow by metallurgical procedures....
Authors: Takeshi Shinoda
Abstract:Friction Stir Welding is the most remarkable welding technology that has been invented and developed in last decade. It made it possible to...
Authors: J.D. Kim, Jin Seok Oh, Myung Hyun Lee, Y.S. Kim
Abstract:This paper describes the features and characteristics of plasma induced in the pulsed YAG laser welding of Al-Mg alloys in air and argon...
Authors: Toshiaki Yasui, Youichirou Shimoda, Masami Tsubaki, Masahiro Fukumoto
Abstract: Welding between ADC12 and SS400 was successfully performed by friction stir diffusion process. The experiments were conducted by a machining...
Authors: Takeshi Shinoda, Shiniti Kawata
Abstract:Many researches for friction welding of aluminum with either carbon steel or stainless steel have been carried out. From those results, it is...
Authors: Yu Chan Kim, Do Hyang Kim, Jae Chul Lee
Abstract:A composite microstructure consisted of µm-scale Ta-rich solid solution particles distributed in the bulk metallic glass matrix was...
Authors: Yuzo Miura, Minoru Doi, Tomokazu Moritani, Makoto Takagi, Toru Imura, Yoshihiko Masuo
Authors: S.-H. Jung, D.K. Jeong, J.Y. Kim, Woo Gwang Jung
Abstract:Microcontact printing of hydrophobic OTS (Octadecyl-Trichloro-Silane) material was made on various substrates, and finely patterned CdS thin...
Authors: Toshihide Takenaka, Masahiro Kawakami, Naoyuki Suda
Abstract:The ionic valence of Ti changed with electrorefining process of Ti in a bath equi-molar mixture of NaCl-KCl containing TiCln (n=2...
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