Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tomokazu Masuda, Hiroyuki Toda, Toshiro Kobayashi

Abstract: The strain rate sensitivity of a A6061-T6 aluminum is examined as a function of triaxial stress. The triaxial stress state is changed by...

Authors: Won Jong Nam, Young Bum Lee, Dong Hyuk Shin

Abstract: The large deformation at cryogenic temperature would be one of the effective methods to produce large bulk UFG materials. The effects of...

Authors: Ryoji Nakamura, Kenta Takahashi, Masahiko Ikawa

Abstract: An unequal diameter twin roll caster was devised in order to increase productivity of the strip. This caster could cast the strip thicker...

Authors: Ik Min Park, Il Dong Choi, Yong Ho Park

Abstract: The scroll compressor with high cooling efficiency and lower oscillating noise can be a candidate material for a part of car air...

Authors: Jung Pyung Choi, Sang J. Lee, Eui Pak Yoon, W.Y. Yoon, M.H. Kim, K.H. Kim

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of bubble on the primary Si size in Al-18wt.%Si alloy. The primary Si size observed was varied with...

Authors: Jung Pyung Choi, Ki Bae Kim, Eui Pak Yoon

Abstract: In general, the element (Sr, Na, Sb, etc.) is used as a modifier of eutectic Si phase in the hypoeutectic Al-Si system. When these elements...

Authors: Seong Hee Lee, Chung Hyo Lee, Cha Yong Lim

Abstract: Two and six-layer stack accumulative roll bonding (ARB) processes were applied to commercial purity aluminum in order to investigate the...

Authors: H.J Kim, Eui Pak Yoon, Toshiro Kobayashi

Abstract: Primary Si particle size has been refined as Ca content of the melts decreased and cooling rate increased. A control of Ca content by the...

Authors: H.S. Kang, W.Y. Yoon, Kwon H. Kim, M.H. Kim, Eui Pak Yoon

Abstract: Microstructural variation is quantitatively characterized by measured undercooling. For neareutectic Al-13wt%Si alloys, microstructure...

Authors: Young Ok Yoon, Hyung Ho Jo, Hoon Cho, Shae K. Kim, Young Jig Kim

Abstract: It has been generally known that the refining efficiency in zone refining process depends on travel rate, number of pass and distribution...


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