Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Young Kim, Baik Woo Lee, Ho Seok Nam, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: Amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) films were deposited using molecular dynamics simulations employing the Tersoff potential. The structure...

Authors: Hyoung Jin Choi, Beong Bok Hwang, B.D. Ko, Joong Yeon Lim, D.H. Jang

Abstract: The dissimilar channel angular pressing (DCAP or CCSS) based on the equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was numerically modeled and...

Authors: Hyoung Jin Choi, Beong Bok Hwang, B.D. Ko, D.H. Jang, Joong Yeon Lim

Abstract: The cold forging processes of automobile parts such as piston-pin, valve-spring retainer(VSR) and power-assisted steering part (PAS) are...

Authors: B.D. Ko, D.H. Jang, Hyoung Jin Choi, Joong Yeon Lim, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: A finite element method for the compaction process of metallic powder is introduced in the present work. Basic equations for the finite...

Authors: Jong Heun Lee, Soo Ho Park, Moo Young Huh

Abstract: In order to optimize the recrystallization texture of ferritic stainless steel sheets, the crystallographic texture was modified by means...

Authors: Hyoung Seop Kim, Min Hong Seo, Sun Ig Hong, Sung Ho Kim, Woo Seog Ryu

Abstract: In order to analyze the creep behaviour of Cr-Mo steels, an elasto-viscoplastic constitutive model based on dislocation density...

Authors: Bong Ki Ji, Jun Hyung Lim, Dong Wook Lee, Min Woo Kim, Byung Hyuk Jun, Chan Joong Kim, Jin Ho Joo

Abstract: We studied the effects of the processing variables on the texture development of Ni tapes prepared from Ni powder compact rods. The Ni...

Authors: Jin Seok Oh, Myung Hyun Lee, J.D. Kim, J.Y. Lee

Abstract: Cathodic protection is a system of preventing corrosion by forcing all surfaces of a hull to be cathode by providing external anodes. A...

Authors: Sang Yun Cha, I.B. Chudakov, Jong S. Woo, Jong Kweon Kim, Young Rae Cho

Abstract: The effects of magnetic annealing on a magnetiostriction in commercial grain-oriented 3.2 at.% Si steels were investigated. A combined...

Authors: Woo Hyuk Choi, Sung Wook Kim, Chang Hee Lee, Jung Cheol Jang

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the effect of heating rate on dissolution and solidification behavior during transient liquid...


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