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Authors: Evgueni I. Poliak, Debanshu Bhattacharya

Abstract: The production of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) has been rapidly expanding in recent years as these steels allow for considerable...

Authors: Subrata Chatterjee, S. Kundu, S. Sam, B. Mishra

Abstract: In the present study, the microstructure and strength properties of diffusion bonded joints of duplex stainless steel (SS) to Ti alloy (TiA)...

Authors: Helmut Clemens, Svea Mayer

Abstract: After almost three decades of intensive fundamental research and development activities, intermetallic titanium aluminides based on the...

Authors: Xiao Jun Liang, Ming Jian Hua, Anthony J. DeArdo

Abstract: Thermomechanical controlled processing is a very important way to control the microstructure and mechanical properties in low carbon, high...

Authors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Wojciech Borek, Janusz Mazurkiewicz

Abstract: Taking into consideration increased quantity of accessories used in modern cars, decreasing car’s weight can be achieved solely by...

Authors: Hirofumi Inoue

Abstract: A new rolling process, which combined asymmetric rolling with symmetric rolling, was adopted in age-hardenable 6xxx series Al-Mg-Si alloy...

Authors: John J. Jonas, Clodualdo Aranas, Vladimir V. Basabe, Chiradeep Ghosh

Abstract: Seven-pass strip rolling simulations were carried out on a 0.06%C and a 0.09%C-0.036%Nb steel. The rolling loads (mean flow stresses or...

Authors: Yi Huang, Megumi Kawasaki, Terence G. Langdon

Abstract: High-pressure torsion (HPT) is a processing technique in which samples are subjected to a high pressure and torsional straining. Experiments...

Authors: Dong Nyung Lee, Heung Nam Han

Abstract: The cold-rolling texture of fcc sheet metals with medium to high stacking fault energies is known to consist of the brass {011}<211>,...


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