Solidification and Gravity VI

Volumes 790-791

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniela Voss

Abstract: The physical sciences research activities implemented by ESA in the framework of the European Life and Physical sciences in Space (ELIPS)...

Authors: Gerhard Zimmermann, L. Sturz, B. Billia, N. Mangelinck-Noël, D.R. Liu, H. Nguyen Thi, N. Bergeon, C.A. Gandin, D.J. Browne, C. Beckermann, D. Tourret, A. Karma

Abstract: This paper gives an overview of the experiments on-board the International Space Station (ISS) performed so far by the CETSOL team. Al-7 wt%...

Authors: Andrew M. Mullis, Lei Gang Cao, Robert F. Cochrane

Abstract: Melt encasement (fluxing) and drop-tube techniques have been used to solidify a Ni-25 at.% Si alloy under conditions of high undercooling...

Authors: Bin Zhou, Ludo Froyen

Abstract: A special type of divorced eutectic growth mode (symbiotic growth) in a ternary Al-Mn-Si alloy, triggered by addition of titanium boride...

Authors: Alexandre Viardin, Laszlo Sturz, M. Apel, Ulrike Hecht

Abstract: At present, our understanding of the interaction between melt flow and solidification patterns is still incomplete. In columnar dendritic...

Authors: Gerhard Zimmermann, Elke Schaberger-Zimmermann, Sonja Steinbach, Lorenz Ratke

Abstract: This paper provides an analysis of the formation of intermetallic phases in AlSi7Fe1 alloy in samples processed onboard the ISS. Based on...

Authors: Olga Budenkova, Florin Baltaretu, Sonja Steinbach, Lorenz Ratke, András Roósz, Arnold Rónaföldi, Jenõ Kovács, Anna Maria Bianchi, Yves Fautrelle

Abstract: Recently several experiments on directional solidification of Al-6.5wt.Si-0.93wt.%Fe (AlSi7Fe1) alloy were performed under terrestrial...

Authors: Andrew G. Murphy, J. Li, Olle Janson, Antonio Verga, David J. Browne

Abstract: During solidification of metallic alloys, thermosolutal natural convection plays a significant role in grain nucleation, subsequent growth...

Authors: Dariusz Kopyciński, Edward Guzik, Andrzej Szczęsny, Józef Dorula

Abstract: The study proves that by introducing the iron powder to low-sulphur cast iron still before the inoculation carried out with a conventional...


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