Aluminium Alloys 2014 - ICAA14

Volumes 794-796

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sindre Bunkholt, Knut Marthinsen, Erik Nes

Abstract: Subgrain structures are frequently characterized by the electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) method, which is both accurate and provides...

Authors: Li Gao, Yohei Harada, Shinji Kumai

Abstract: An A356 aluminum alloy billet which has a dendritic microstructure was compressed and then partially re-melted to semi-solid state before...

Authors: Dieter Horwatitsch, Jonas Müller, Helmut Kilian, Martin Brandecker, Arne Wahlen

Abstract: Commonly used visualisation methods for observing material flow during extrusion are either labor intensive, prone to loss of the tracer...

Authors: Jitka Nejezchlebová, Hanuš Seiner, Miroslav Karlík

Abstract: The transition temperatures of small amounts of eutectic particles contained in free-cutting aluminum alloys (namely AA6262 and AA6023) are...

Authors: Masakazu Kobayashi, Yuki Kawamura

Abstract: Inhomogeneous deformation in polycrystalline material is interesting matter, because the concentration point of deformation relates with the...

Authors: Meng Liu, Jakub Čížek, Cynthia S.T. Chang, John Banhart

Abstract: Early stages of clustering in quenched Al-Mg-Si alloys during natural ageing were studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy...

Authors: Astrid Marie Flattum Muggerud, Yan Jun Li, Randi Holmestad

Abstract: Dispersoids are important in 3xxx Al alloys, influencing mechanical properties, texture and recrystallization. In this work α-Al (Fe,Mn)Si...

Authors: Carmen Schäfer, Henk- Jan Brinkman, Olaf Engler, Gernot Nitzsche, Stefan Keller

Abstract: An important aspect when Al sheets are to be used for visible outer car body panels is surface appearance. Some age-hardenable Al-Mg-Si...

Authors: Christian J. Simensen, Harry Fossheim, Jan Anders Sæter

Abstract: This work is a study of the segregation of alloying elements and salts to the surface of Direct Chilled-cast (DC-cast) ingots of alloy: (i)...


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