Aluminium Alloys 2014 - ICAA14

Volumes 794-796

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cemil Işıksaçan, Mert Günyüz, Onur Birbaşar, Cengiz Konya, Murat Dündar

Abstract: Aluminum alloys produced with Twin Roll Casting (TRC) technology still necessitate to be thoroughly investigated in some areas. Corrosion...

Authors: Anja Buchwalder, Rolf Zenker, Erik Zaulig, Jürgen Liebich, Dietmar Leuteritz

Abstract: Due to their typically high hardness, excellent resistance against wear, and their low coefficient of friction, Physical Vapor Deposition...

Authors: David M. Carrick, Simon C. Hogg, Geoffrey D. Wilcox

Abstract: This paper discusses two Al-Cu alloys for aerospace applications, one of which has an addition of between 1.6 and 2.0 wt.% of Li. The alloys...

Authors: Kun Yuan Gao, Zuo Ren Nie, Huang Hui, Sheng Ping Wen, Xiao Lan Wu, Yu Sheng Ding

Abstract: The effect of heat treatment on the long-term corrosion resistance of Er containing 5083 aluminum alloy was studied using the micro-hardness...

Authors: Mathilde Guérin, Eric Andrieu, Grégory Odemer, Joël Alexis, Christine Blanc

Abstract: Alternate immersion-emersion tests were performed for a 2050 aluminium alloy to characterize its corrosion resistance with exposure...

Authors: Jin Feng Li, Long Xu, Xi Yao, Zi Qiao Zheng

Abstract: The influence of aging (T6 at 150°C and175°C, T8 at 150°C) and 0.72% Zn addition on the mechanical properties, microstructures and...

Authors: Bing Liu, Xiao Rong Zhou

Abstract: In the present study, the corrosion behaviour of machined AA7150-T651 aluminium alloy has been investigated. It was revealed that a...

Authors: Mary E. Parker, Robert G. Kelly

Abstract: Several accelerated tests for high-strength aluminum alloys, such as ASTM G34, ASTM G85 Annex 2, and ASTM G110 can produce significantly...

Authors: Ildiko Peter, Mario Rosso

Abstract: Galvanic deposition of Aluminium on steel substrate, starting from liquid ions, is considered. How the agitation of the liquid during...

Authors: Dai Shu Qian, Zhu Liu

Abstract: A KrF excimer laser was introduced for laser surface melting (LSM) of the aluminium alloys AA2124-T4 and AA6061-T4. The microstructural and...


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