Aluminium Alloys 2014 - ICAA14

Volumes 794-796

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Amir M. Horr, Christoph Angermeier, Angela Harrison

Abstract: To achieve a required product quality during Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) process, it is necessary to identify and also control the main...

Authors: Sergey Komarov, Yasuo Ishiwata, Yoshihiro Takeda

Abstract: The present work introduces a novel ultrasonic DC casting process which allows producing billets of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys with greatly...

Authors: Jie Hua Li, Mihaela Albu, Thomas Ludwig, Y. Matsubara, Ferdinand Hofer, Lars Arnberg, Y. Tsunekawa, Peter Schumacher

Abstract: The paper provides a new insight into the modification of eutectic Si in Al-Si based alloys. To date, impurity-induced twinning mechanism...

Authors: Heinrich Möller, Pfarelo Daswa, Gonasagren Govender

Abstract: Limited information is available regarding the heat treatment response of age-hardenable wrought Al-alloys produced by semi-solid metal...

Authors: Boris V. Ovsyannikov

Abstract: Recently significant successes have been achieved in the field of grain refinement by means of such additives as the titanium, zirconium,...

Authors: Jayesh B. Patel, Hu Tian Li, Ming Xu Xia, Simon Jones, Sundaram Kumar, Keyna O'Reilly, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: A novel direct chill (DC) casting process, melt conditioned direct chill (MC-DC) casting process, has been developed for production of high...

Authors: Vadakke Madam Sreekumar, Nadendla Hari Babu, Dmitry G. Eskin, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: In this study, grain refinement efficiency of a new oxide master alloy based on MgAl2O4 was demonstrated on an A357...

Authors: Mark A. Easton, Arvind Prasad, David H. St. John

Abstract: Recent work has extended the Interdependence Model to the prediction of grain size of aluminium alloys when refined by Al-Ti-B master...

Authors: Xiang Jie Wang, Gang Sun, Li Juan Wang, Peng Wei Li, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: Aluminum is the richest metallic element in the earth, the ingots cast by DC casting process are usually extruded into aluminum bars. When...

Authors: Feng Yan, Shou Xun Ji, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of Cu on the microstructure and mechanical properties of diecast Al-8Mg2Si-6Mg-0.6Mn alloy. The Cu...


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