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Edited by: Vasiliy Buchelnikov, Vladimir Sokolovskiy and Mikhail Zagrebin
Online since: March 2016
Description: This volume presents a selection from papers submitted to the International Conference “Phase transitions, critical and nonlinear phenomena in condensed matter”. The papers selected for this volume tend to present to a reader recent advances in the fields of phase transitions and critical phenomena in condensed matter; mathematical modeling and computer simulation of phase transitions and critical phenomena; nonlinear phenomena and chaos in condensed matter; structural transformations in carbon materials and also recent results in the field of investigation of the meteorite “Chelyabinsk”.


Edited by: Maroš Halama
Online since: March 2016
Description: The background of scientific papers of this special issue is mainly result of EFC No.401 forum and together with practical “Corrosion training” will give you motivation to improve fight against corrosion.
The papers divided into chapters: corrosion protection; measurement, assessment and prediction of corrosion rate; surface treatment and coatings.


Edited by: Prof. Andrey A. Radionov
Online since: February 2016
Description: International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE-2015) presents 49 articles by numerous participants from different countries on subject of materials engineering and technologies for production and processing. ICIE-2015 provides a forum for research scientists in academia and industries internationally to share ideas and discuss their latest research findings. The main aim of the book is to provide the reader with a review of the latest investigations in the field of modern functional materials and technologies and also of cost-effective use of resources of metallurgy industry.


Edited by: Dr. Inamuddin and Dr. Amir-Al-Ahmed
Online since: February 2016
Description: Any advance application desires advanced material. R&D in the field of materials science is an endless effort with infinite possibilities, and can attain by an individual or combining the understanding of the fundamental properties of natural and synthetic polymers, biopolymers, semiconductors, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, hybrids etc., and exploiting these toward the development of new materials significant opportunities in the advanced materials can be realized. With the aid of advanced technology in material research, researchers are developing innovative noble materials and devices. A wealth of material is that it is truly interdisciplinary. Some of these latest and in depth research and review articles on different advanced materilas and their applications will be accommodated in this book.

This book can have variety of readers, like graduate students and scientists/researcher, working on materilas science and engineering.


Edited by: Januarti Jaya Ekaputri and Antoni
Online since: January 2016
Description: The objective of this book is the lighting of latest achievements in the field of development and application of geopolymers in various industries in aspect of using green materials for sustainable development.


Edited by: Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Meor Yusoff Meor Sulaiman, Mohd Ambar Yarmo, Fauziah Abd Aziz, Khairul Nizar Ismail, Norazharuddin Shah Abdullah, Yusof Abdullah, Wan Fahmin Faiz Wan Ali, Nik Akmar Rejab and Abdul Rashid Jamaludin
Online since: January 2016
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the Seminar on Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques in Research, Industry and Nuclear Applications (AMCT 2015), June 9-10, 2015, Selangor, Malaysia.
The 81 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Ceramics and Composites
Chapter 2: Materials for Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnologies
Chapter 3: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Materials for Electronics
Chapter 4: Materials and Technologies for Mechanical Engineering
Chapter 5: Materials and Technologies for Chemical Engineering
Chapter 6: Waste Recycling and Environmental Engineering


Edited by: Eiichi Sato, Goroh Itoh, Yoshimasa Takayama, Koichi Kitazono, Koji Morita, Takaomi Itoi and Junya Kobayashi
Online since: January 2016
Description: Collection of Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 12th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM 2015), September 7-11, 2015, Tokyo, Japan.
The 99 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Keynote Lecture
Chapter 2: Mechanism of Superplasticity
Chapter 3: Superplastic Materials
Chapter 4: Microstructure Refinement
Chapter 5: Industrial Application


Edited by: Ning He, Liang Li, Yinfei Yang, Xiuqing Hao and Guolong Zhao
Online since: January 2016
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 12th International Conference on High Speed Machining (12th HSM), October 18-20, 2015, Nanjing, China.
The 81 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Mechanism and Technology of High Speed Machining
Chapter 2: Micro-Machining and Non-Traditional Machining Technologies
Chapter 3: Recent Developments in High Speed Machine Tools and Cutting Tools
Chapter 4: CAD/CAM/CAE Technologies in Modeling and Simulation of Processes in High Speed Machining
Chapter 5: Testing, Measuring and Monitoring in Machining Processes


Edited by: Prof. Dr. G.S. Upadhyaya
Online since: January 2016

The book is second in series under the title. The invited review papers in all seven from five countries cover aspects right from the historical one to pressure sintering and sintering atmosphere control to manipulate efficient sintering. In addition, simplified sintering calls for global energy reduction during sintering. Also discussed are functionally graded cemented carbides, doped ceria based SOFC electrolytes and sintering aspects of seeded and neodymium lanthanum hexaaluminate.


Edited by: S.N. Grigoriev
Online since: November 2015

The issue is completed by articles of professors and scientists of MSTU STANKIN related to modern advanced technologies such as technologies of thin and thick resistant coatings for functional parts and cutting tools, diagnostics of technological processes and innovative technologies for material processing. The articles contain the description of the nowadays conditions and the last achievements in the University according to worldwide level. This issue is devoted to the 85th anniversary of MSTU STANKIN.


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