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Edited by: Mircea Nicoară, Ion Dragoş Uţu, Carmen Opriș
Online since: August 2016
Description: Proceedings of 6th International Conference "ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES" (16-17 October 2015, Timişoara, Romania) are presented as a collection of papers by results of researches in area materials and technologies of their processing in the various branches of mechanical engineering, constraction, chemical production and metallurgy. We think that this edition will be useful firstly for production engineers and design engineers.


Edited by: Venkataraman Thangadurai, Yasuro Ikuma
Online since: August 2016

This volume is focused on the materials and devices for solar-to-chemical energy conversion. The introductory paper, by Alim and Bak, considers the basic concepts of the light-induced water oxidation by oxide semiconductors. This paper is concentrated on the photoreactivity of metal oxides, such as TiO2, with water and the related charge transfer during partial and total oxidation. The second paper of Yang et al provides an overview on the performance of TiO2 as photoanode in photoelectrochemical water oxidation. The paper of Nasir et al considers application of BiVO4 as photoelectrode for the generation of solar hydrogen fuel using water as the raw material. The work of Pastuovic et al is a treatise on the application of accelerator-based nuclear techniques in the characterisation of oxide semiconductors for solar energy conversion. This volume is addressed to those interested in the progress of research in oxide materials for solar energy conversion.


Edited by: J. Chmiel and M. Szyszko
Online since: July 2016

A specific feature of transport, especially maritime transport, is a presence of complex interactions between various components of the system. The presence of the phenomena affects the possibility of varying degrees of complexity and wear processes and destruction materials. Moreover, forecasting and reducing methods of wear intensity are specified in the transport engineering, as well. The issues above will be addressed in this manuscript. Presented in the manuscript results include not only laboratory, modelling and simulation studies, but also long-term studies of real objects. Studies of real objects were made thanks to cooperation with shipowners and stevedoring companies in sea ports. Moreover results basis on the practical experience of authors working on ships.


Edited by: I. Skiedraite, E. Dragašius and L. Zubrickaitė
Online since: July 2016
Description: The current volume contains some new results in mechatronic systems, mechanics and materials, as well as in aspects of automatics and robotics in relevant technological applications, which were presented in the 11th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials (MSM 2015). The book contains the latest theoretical and practical experiences of scientists and researchers from universities and research centers. The main objective of this volume is the dissemination of the scientific knowledge to better understanding of widely considered mechatronic and material systems. Moreover, the aim of the issue is to interconnect diverse scientific fields and exchange current views between scientists and researchers.


Edited by: J. Galkiewicz
Online since: April 2016
Description: This collection of papers is related to actual problems from area of research of fatigue of materials and structures, fracture mechanics, void nucleation, void growth. In several articles are shown a new, sometimes futuristic, experimental techniques. Presented material will be useful for researchers and engineers from different branches of industry.


Edited by: Šárka Nenadálová and Petra Johová
Online since: April 2016

The concept of the 22nd Concrete Days (CD 2015) allowed a rich programme of expert lectures and posters but also enough time for professional discussions, informal business negotiations and friendly meetings.

The Czech Concrete Society CSSI as the organizing body of the conference has done its best to ensure a convenient stay for 22 times. There were more than 310 participants at the conference this time.

The selected papers include recent results of scientific and engineering decisions in area of researching of properties and manufacturing technologies of modern concretes; modelling and design of structure elements from concrete and realization of significant construction projects.


Edited by: Waldemar Rączka, Marek Sibielak
Online since: March 2016
Description: This book is a result of scientific meeting of people working on active noise and vibration control methods and problems. The control of noise and vibration has been always proved to be a difficult task and in many cases it is not feasible. For many years, passive, active and semi-active techniques have been considered and developed. Flexible isolation systems or structural damping, control of suspension parameter or generating active force are used for vibration and noise control. The most important technics of vibration mitigation are active methods so the book collects papers as a contribution to discussion.


Edited by: Nikolay Gennadievich Galkin
Online since: March 2016
Description: Collection of actual researches and decisions in area of semiconductor, magnetic, ferroelectric nanostructures and functional hybrid materials. This publication will be useful for a wide range of researchers and engineers in the field of nanostructured materials for modern and future industry.


Edited by: Agnieszka Szczotok, Agnieszka Szkliniarz and Jacek Mendala
Online since: February 2016
Description: This book contains the proceedings of The XXIII Conference on Technologies and Properties of Modern Utility Materials (TPMUM 2015). The proceedings include selected, peer reviewed papers whose scope covers topics related to materials engineering, in particular, advanced analytical methods in materials science, development and application of metal alloys, ceramics, composites, their processing techniques (i.e. forming, casting, surface engineering) and related environmental issues.


Edited by: Nikolay G. Galkin
Online since: October 2015

The first book of the Proceedings of ASCO-Nanomat 2015 includes articles of 41 contributed papers of the third school-conference, which were recommended for publication by Publishing Committee. The articles reflect the new results and scientific achievements in the field of growth and synthesis of new nanomaterials and coatings, technology of their growth and preparation, their physical properties, calculations and modeling of the electronic structure and properties of new nanomaterials. The Proceedings consist of two chapters. In the first one “Semiconducting and Metal Nanoheterostructures: Self-Organization and Characterization” the 14-th articles devoted to atomic processes and nanostructure formation and characterization and ab initio calculations and modeling were collected. In the second chapter named “Nonlinear Optical Mediums, Nanocomposites, Nanostructured Coatings, Functional Materials and their Applications” the 27 articles devoted to formation technology and characterization of different kinds of nanomaterials of organic and non-organic nature were presented. This proceedings volume is intended for scientists, readers, professors and post-graduate students.


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