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Edited by: Agnieszka Szczotok, Jacek Pietraszek and Norbert Radek
Online since: July 2015
Description: The minisymposium “Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods of Data Analysis at Multiscale Modeling” provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences at the crossroads of three disciplines: materials science, image analysis and statistical data analysis, where new research possibilities have appeared with the rapid development of computer hardware: an increase in the processing speed and the size of the memory available – there has been a rapid development of data analysis methods that were previously not possible to use in practice due to the required computing power. The minisymposium was organized as part of the WCCM 2014, 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, which was held in Barcelona, Spain on 20-25 July, 2014.


Edited by: Nikolai Perov and Anna Semisalova
Online since: July 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 6th Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM), June 29-July 3, 2014, Moscow, Russian Federation.
The 178 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Theory Research and Numerical Simulation;
Chapter 2: Magnetic Semiconductors and Oxides;
Chapter 3: Magnetic Alloys and Magnetocaloric Effect;
Chapter 4: Magnetic Microwires;
Chapter 5: Magnetic Soft Matter;
Chapter 6: Multiferroics;
Chapter 7: Spintronics and Magnetotransport;
Chapter 8: High Frequency Properties;
Chapter 9: Nanostructures and Low Dimensional Magnetism;
Chapter 10: Magnetic Thin Films;
Chapter 11: Magnetism and Superconductivity;
Chapter 12: Magnetism in Biology and Medicine


Edited by: Hardev Singh Virk
Online since: June 2015
Description: Ferroics is the generic name given to the study of ferromagnets, ferroelectrics, and ferroelastics. The basis of this study is to understand the large changes in physical characteristics that occur over a very narrow temperature range. In recent years, a new class of ferroic materials has been attracting increased interest. These multiferroics exhibit more than one ferroic property simultaneously in a single phase. The present volume: “Ferroic Materials: Synthesis and Applications" has ten Chapters, spread over areas as diverse as Magnetic Oxide Nanomaterials, Ferrites Synthesis, Hexaferrites, Spin Torque Nano-Oscillator, Ferroelectric Lattices, Flexoelectricity and Ferroelectric Materials for High Temperature Piezoelectric Applications.


Edited by: Beata Dubiel and Tomasz Moskalewicz
Online since: June 2015
Description: The papers published in this volume of Solid State Phenomena are written on the basis of selected presentations from the XV International Conference on Electron Microscopy EM2014, which took place in Kraków from the 15th to the 18th of September 2014. The papers present the recent results of the applications of electron microscopy methods for microstructural studies in materials science.


Edited by: Sergii Ubizskii, Leonid Vasylechko and Yaroslav Zhydachevskii
Online since: June 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Scientific Conferences Oxide Materials for Electronic Engineering – Fabrication, Properties and Applications (ОМЕЕ 2014), May, 26-30, 2014, Lviv, Ukraine.
The 47 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Technology of the Active Media of Electronic Engineering;
Chapter 2: Active Media Fundamentals: Crystal Structure, Micro- and Nanostructure, Electronic Structure;
Chapter 3: Nanoparticles, Nano-Ceramics and Nano-Composites;
Chapter 4: Materials for Quantum and Optoelectronics, Defects, Impurities and Transport Phenomena;
Chapter 5: Magnetic Materials, Multiferroics, Superconductors;
Chapter 6: Materials for Sensing and Catalysis


Edited by: Anna J. Dolata and Maciej Dyzia
Online since: April 2015
Description: Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only.
The 18 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys;
Chapter 2: Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys;
Chapter 3: Titanium and Titanium Alloys


Edited by: Bożena Łosiewicz
Online since: March 2015
Description: This special topic volume deals with the development of novel solid state electrocatalysts of a high performance to enhance the rates of the hydrogen or oxygen evolution. It contains a description of various types of metals, alloys and composites which have been obtained using electrodeposition in aqueous solutions that has been identified to be a technologically feasible and economically superior technique for the production of the porous electrodes. The goal was to produce papers that would be useful to both the novice and the expert in hydrogen technologies. This volume is intended to be useful to the materials scientist or electrochemist, student or profesional, who is planning studies of solid state electrocatalysts and who may have had little previous experience with electrochemical measurements. Such a reader will find an outline of basic theory and a discussion of experimental techniques and data analysis, with examples and appropriate references. It is hoped that the more advanced reader will also find this volume valuable as a review and summary of the literature up to the time of writing, with a discussion of current theoretical and experimental issues of research activity in the field of hydrogen energy.


Edited by: Joanna Michalska and Maciej Sowa
Online since: January 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Scientific Conference Corrosion 2014, November 18-21, 2014, Gliwice, Poland.
The 136 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Corrosion and Surface Engineering, Corrosion Protection;
Chapter 2: Concrete Corrosion;
Chapter 3: Corrosion and Surface Engineering in Industry;
Chapter 4: Atmospheric Corrosion, Tribocorrosion, Erosion, Hydrogen Degradation and Diffusion;
Chapter 5: Microbiological Corrosion;
Chapter 6: High-Temperature Corrosion and Surface Strength, Thermal Coating;
Chapter 7: Corrosion of Biomaterials;
Chapter 8: Testing Methods


Edited by: Jacek Mendala and Paweł Gradoń
Online since: January 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the XXII Conference on Technologies and Properties of Modern Utility Materials, (TPMUM 2014), May 16, 2014, Katowice, Poland.
The 42 papers are grouped as follows:
I: Materials Analysis;
II: Processing Technologies;
III: Surface Engineering;
IV: Materials and Environment


Edited by: Ellina Łunarska, Jarosław Chmiel, Alexander Balitskii and Małgorzata Szyszko
Online since: December 2014
Description: This volume contains a collection of papers from International Conference „Wear Processes 2012” which were held in Świnoujście, Poland, from 12 to 14 of September 2012. The Conference is organized periodically and is a continuation of the seminars series concerning “Testing and modelling of complex wear processes”, that are organized since 2003. The Initiator of the Conference is Jarosław Chmiel, PhD. Eng. from Maritime University of Szczecin.The aim of the Conference is a creating a forum of information exchange for researchers dealing with issues of wear phenomena caused by more as one process acting on a material simultaneously, the subject somewhat neglected at most conferences focusing on wear problems.The main topics of the Conference are as follows:- fundamental problems of deterioration and wear of materials.- simple and complex deterioration processes.- hydrogen degradation of materials.- wear processes accelerated by the hydrogen degradation and corrosion.- modeling of wear processes.- causes of abnormally rapid of wear. Since 2010, the Conference is held under the auspices of the European Structural Integrity Society, Technical Committee TC10 “Environmentally Assisted Cracking”.


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