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Authors: Francesco Gagliardi, I. Alfaro, Luigino Filice, E. Cueto

Abstract: The conventional tube extrusion process has been substituted by porthole die extrusion due to relevant advantages in terms of productivity...

Authors: Luo Xing Li, Jia Zhou, X. He, Jie Zhou, Jurek Duczczyk

Abstract: The present case study addressed a practical problem of wall thickness attenuation during extrusion to produce a complex thin-walled hollow...

Authors: Ji Yong Yao, D.A. Graham, Malcolm J. Couper
Authors: Luigino Filice, Francesco Gagliardi, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: Nowadays, many researchers are involved in studies aimed to the explanation of some peculiar aspects regarding manufacturing processes. In...

Authors: Aleksandra J. Botten, A.S. Burbidge, S. Blackburn
Authors: Elizabeth C. Kolos, Andrew Ruys, Greg J. Roger
Authors: Seyed A. Tabatabei, M.K. Besharati Givi, Karen Abrinia, Peyman Karami, V. Zal, S. Mirjavadi

Abstract: Die shape plays a key role in extrusion process through widely affects on the extrusion pressure and product quality. Therefore, prediction...

Authors: Ole Runar Myhr, Rune Østhus, Trond Furu

Abstract: The present paper describes a novel methodology for optimization of product properties and production costs in fabrication of aluminium...

Authors: Akshaya Kumar Rout, Kali Pada Maity, Sushant Kumar Rath

Abstract: The die profile plays an important role in reduction of extrusion load, evolution of uniform micro-structure and overall improvement of...

Authors: Manabu Gotoh, Minoru Yamashita, Kazuhide Wakasugi
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