Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV

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Authors: Ling Wang, Han Fu, Shu Mao Wang
Abstract: Software development for a measurement and control system is a time consuming performance. To accelerate development process, a graphic software development environment was designed and established based on the principle of Virtual Instruments. In the developed environment, three layers including interface editing, channel configuration and database were designed for software incubation with codeless operation. The users could newly establish or re-edit a project according to designed software development flow and database would automatically generate for interface and channel management. An application for couple-tank water level control system was constructed in the developed environment to validate the system reliability and usability. Obtained results showed that software could be established in the development environment for measurement and control system with simplified operation.
Authors: Bi Juan, Feng Long Shen
Abstract: The torque regulator, flux regulator and speed regulator of induction motor control system are designed based on stator flux-oriented. An improved flux integration algorithm is adopted to eliminate the drift of the DC voltage and the initial value in the pure integrator. The simulation of induction motor control system is achieved by using the MATLAB. Simulation results show that the control system has good dynamic and static properties, which further verify the correctness and feasibility of the design system.
Authors: Zhi Yuan Cai, Zhan Nan Guo
Abstract: CPS (control and protective switching) one of the smart integrated include the function of circuit breakers, contactors, and low-voltage electrical appliances. The contact system is different from the traditional low-voltage electrical function. Well-designed structure of the contact system has important practical significance for overall performance of CPS. The paper proposes a new contact system. The simulation analyze the electrical repulsion of the traditional contact system and a new contact system under different current size, breaking time, blowing arc magnetic field analysis by electromagnetic simulation software. According to the results of the simulation comparison, prove that the new contactor structure making the function of CPS increased.
Authors: Zhen Min Cui, Ru Wang
Abstract: Diesel engine; Super-capacitor; Starter system; Modeling; Simulation Abstract. In order to improve the start-up performance of the diesel engine and the working conditions of batteries, make efficient use of the high instantaneous discharge power characteristics of the super-capacitor as a diesel engine start-up auxiliary power. Taking the YC6J180 types of Yuchai diesel engine as illustration, diesel engine starting process was modeled and simulated by Matlab/Simulink software, and compared with the simulation model of diesel engine starting system added the super-capacitor. The simulation results show that the diesel engine starter system added the super-capacitor as the auxiliary power, the starting performance is improved significantly, meanwhile improve the battery state, and extend its service life.
Authors: Feng Wang, Yao Hua Zhao
Abstract: This paper takes a certain typical cross transfer station of Beijing subway as the study object, establishes the physical and mathematical model for the movement of the fire smoke, adopts a computational fluid dynamics method to simulate the dynamic process of development and spreading of the fire smoke when fire occurs at two positions in the transfer station, discusses about the distribution rules of the temperature field, the velocity field, the visibility and so on which reflect the flow and development characteristics and further provides reference for making the smoke control and exhaust scheme and evacuation scheme. The simulation computation shows that when the fire occur in the subway transfer station, the ‘chimney effect’ is more obvious, and there are mutual action and mutual influence for the temperature field, the velocity distribution and the visibility distribution at the area connected with the transfer station.
Authors: Tie Lin Sun, Hui Sun
Abstract: The traditional method to calculate complex transcendental equation is poor, which can't meet requirements of calculating imaginary answer and fast calculation at the same time. This paper proposes "modified dichotomy method" through modifying the classical dichotomy method to solve complex transcendental equation, that can not only calculates imaginary answer but also calculates fast. Algorithm is also verified through comparing with the answer to lamb wave dispersion equation in elastic plate.
Authors: Jing Zhai, Lian Dong, Shu Sheng Zhang, Fu Min Lu, Li Zhi Hu
Abstract: Stability is an important factor to measure the quality of an atomic clock. The random factor that affects atomic clock includes five kinds of noise. The random noise can be expressed by spectral density function. In a certain smooth time, only one or two types of noise can influence the atomic clock’s stability. Through the relationship between spectral density function and atomic clock stability analysis variance, such as Allan variance, it’s possible to distinguish the kind of noise on different smooth time. When lacking of data, there is a way that can increase the amount of data by mapping extensions, and it can also improve the degree of confidence in the larger smooth time.
Authors: Xin Peng Wang, Wei Jie Wang
Abstract: This paper puts forward a logging process monitoring method based on full virtualization to solve the problems of log lost and non security log transmission. Making use of fully virtualized technology, this method detects the suspicious log in the virtual monitor machine and makes record of logs. It used SSL technology to transmit log to the remote backup machine to save and analyze it.
Authors: Jin Xu, Xun Chen
Abstract: The program development process based on the OpenGL in order to make the resulting image with a high degree of realism, we often use technology to manipulate the image texture, because Using texture mapping can easy build abundant and vivid scenes in OpenGL programs, Texture mapping through the pixel and geometry object union, to create a geometry object is very complex, real visual effect, also avoided a lot of geometric model established for overhead.
Authors: Gong Ming Zheng, Hai Zhang
Abstract: It could improve the design efficiency and shorten the development cycle by the means of integrating various user-defined peripheral driver in the rule of Avalon bus in the SOPC system. The PWM component with adjusted period and duty ratio has been achieved with hardware and software co-design method according to the Avalon bus specification in Nios Ⅱ embedded systems, and it had been tested to meet the application requirements completely

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