Mechanical and Electrical Technology IV

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Authors: Dong Ming Zhou, Hong Cai
Abstract: The solution of the multi-constrained QoS routing is translated into a shortest path problem for a weighted graph, and the problem of multi-constrained QoS routing is successfully solved using the properties of pulse wave parallel propagation of the competitive PCNN. The number of iteration of our algorithm is dependent of the length of the globally optimal multi-constrained QoS routing between source node and destination node and independent of the number of nodes and edges and the complexity of network distribution structure. The method shows better computational performance and dominance and has important significance in both theory and applications.
Authors: Ping Liu, Yi Fu Gong, Hai Gong Jin, Ping Ding Yi
Abstract: As the development of engineering software, data exchanging becomes more and more important. Integration of design has become a trend in building industry. An urgent problem in designing is to solve the data exchanging between different software. In response to this demand, the mapping rules and its expression style of CIS which is an international standards of integrated design of steel structure are introduced. Besides, the application and future prospects of CIS in space structure are also expounded. In the end, some example of application using CIS standard in space structure are showed. which are very usefully to project.
Authors: Ying Guo, Cai Yun Meng
Abstract: Based on the proposed efficient cyclic correlation estimator by exploiting normalized infinite norm, this paper develops a robust adaptive time delay estimation method which provides additional robustness against heavy-tailed noise and when the noise statistics are not fully known. Simulations demonstrate the reliable and robust performance of the proposed cyclic correlation estimator and its corresponding time delay estimation algorithm.
Authors: Ming Hui Zhang, Yao Yu Zhang
Abstract: Digital CR medicine radiation image is in doctor’s favor and has became medicine imaging technology new hot spot because of its high gray contrast、powerful computer disposal function、little radiation dosage、non-film diagnosis、different area consultation. But degradation of digital X-ray medical image such as low contrast and blurring during radiographic imaging, caused by complexity of body tissue and effects of X-ray scattering and electrical noise etc., can worsen the results of analysis and diagnosis. So it is usually needed that CR medicine image is enhanced to improve its vision quality, and easy to doctor’s more accurate diagnosis. The general enhancement algorithms over enhancing the contrast and lose image details, aiming at the defects, an enhancement algorithm for CR image is proposed based on the ratio of deviation to mean of domain. The arithmetic enhance CR image edge details by adjusting factor K based on the ratio of deviation to mean of domain of CR image. Experiment results demonstrate that the algorithm enhances CR image detail and CR image enhanced has good visual effect, the adaptive enhancement method is fit for CR medicine image.
Authors: Sheng Fa Wang, Min Pan
Abstract: Resource plays an important role for product design. In order to manage distributed and ocean resource for product design in an open and dynamic interconnection environment, resource integration framework is proposed. Resource depicted through matrix is presented in resource space. The matrix description, combination, integration, semantic reasoning and semantic search on resource are studied. According to resource space model, a fuzzy decision-based method is proposed to decide which resource is the most optimal. Finally, an example on product design of eddy current retarder is given to testify the validity of distributed resource management for product design.
Authors: Bao Dong Bai, Wu Hao Jia, De Zhi Chen, Xin Bo Wang
Abstract: In order to meet mechanical mining demand of China's thin coal seaming, the power electronics and motor control system in hardware and software integration is presented, which replace traditional variable-frequency system applied to mining, planning and transport occasions. Solving braking resistor large volume and heat dissipation problem of the variable frequency system is very necessary. Accordingly, energy feedback based on fuzzy PI control type system to replace the traditional energy consumption braking was designed in this paper. Through the system simulation, it is shown that this system has high power factor, small feed current harmonics and effectively absorb the feedback energy, especially can realize four quadrant operations.
Authors: Qiang Li, Zu Ming Sun, He Ren
Abstract: Aiming at ordinary development DC motor existence shortcomings as complex algorithm and difficult real-time adjustment, the Hardware-In-the-Loop(HIL) platform is put up for single-side wheel steering system. The structure of software and hardware and important component is described in detail, and the real-time simulation model is developed using Simulink and dSPACE. With interest of better effects on real time control steering motor is achieved with ControlDesk by means of on-line tuning, monitoring, debugging and optimization of PID control parameters. The experimental results demonstrate that dSPACE system applied in DC motor has the advantages of good real-time control effect and effectively shorten controller development cycle and cost for the sake of establishing foundation on the proceeding research.
Authors: Abid Ali, R.A. Azim, U.S. Khan, A.A. Syed, U. Izhar
Abstract: This work presents the design and optimization of out of plane electrothermal MEMS actuators. The proposed concept is capable of generating large out of plane displacement at low driving power and a low actuation temperature. The performance of this actuator is evaluated and simulated in ANSYS. The out of plane displacement of 291µm at a temperature increase of 135°C from ambient has been achieved with the applied power of 2.7mW(0.7V). Moreover, a thermal time constant of 5.6ms and a frequency of 85Hz is accomplished for this actuator.
Authors: Zhen Tao Qi, Xue Jun Zhang, Dong Han
Abstract: Simulation is an effective means for system development. A simulation system of the General aviation (GA) avionics using HLA is designed in this paper. The design and implementation process of federates is also described, taking the Cockpit Display federate as an example. The system has good interoperability, reusability and scalability, which meet the requirements of avionics simulation. The system can be widely used in GA avionics design and the training of pilots.
Authors: Cheng Po Mu, Yuan Qian Chen, Zhi Jie Yuan, Jia Song
Abstract: Infrared scene simulation is an important issue in the military field. Infrared scene simulation system can reproduce and simulate the infrared radiation characteristics of target and its background. Therefore, the analysis of the infrared radiation of target and scene features is very important for Infrared scene simulation. In this paper, we focus on the calculation and analysis of typical environmental factors of ground targets, including solar radiation, sky atmosphere radiation and ground radiation etc.. We also discuss how to calculate the infrared radiation of target in this paper. The results of this paper will be used for analysis of the infrared radiation and the simulation of the infrared scene of ground targets.

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