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Authors: Yan Shi Xie, Kai Xuan Tan, Liang Chen, Wei Huang, Kai Guang Hu, Xiu Cai Wang
Abstract: South China is the most important uranium producer in the country. Most uranium deposits in south China are strictly controlled by NE-NNE trending regional fracture structure. Fractal analyses on spatial distribution of uranium deposits and regional fracture structure in south China have been done in this paper. It indicates that the spatial distribution of both uranium deposits and regional fracture structure in south China show fractal character. The fractal dimension D=1.4142 for the spatial distribution of regional fracture structure is significantly greater than the critical value and it indicate a higher ripening degree in the fracture structure evolution and an advantages to fluid flow and uranium mineralization. The fractal dimension D=1.0527 for the spatial distribution of uranium deposits in south China show a lower complexity than regional fracture structure. The fractal spatial distribution of uranium deposits in south China is the result of the evolution of the fractal fracture structure system.
Authors: Wen Ying Ma, Yan Yan Cheng, Peng Liu, Zi Lan Gao
Abstract: The structure system, not the single component is studied for the first time. The model of system reliability of aqueduct system that based on main failure modes and comprehensive correlation coefficient method is established, in which the system reliability of pile beam multi-lateral wall of Minghe aqueduct is analyzed. It is showed that the worst failure modes of structure system and its impact on reliability and durability of entire system can be revealed simply and accurately. It also offers a controlled basis for the optimal design and plan of operation and management. Compared with PNET, it embraces the same accuracy. The method can avoid the influence caused by PNET for subjectively determining limit correlative coefficient. It is proved to be a practicable method for analyzing structure system reliability for the complex project.
Authors: Dai Yin Yin, Wei Zhou, Jian Xin Lu, Cheng Li Zhang
Abstract: During the developing process of gas reservoirs, different gas well spacing will affect the production of the well and the bottom hole pressure. In this paper, the method of the advanced mechanics of fluids in porous media, the pressure changes into the pesudo-pressure, the changes of the pressure near the well have been obtained. Theoretical model of the gas reservoir has been established, which is built with constant pressure as internal boundary control conditions and infinite formation as outer boundary control conditions. According to the seepage differential equations of the pesudo-pressure, the changes in the production on bottom pressure can be derived in different well spacing. Then the pressure and production curves have been drawn.
Authors: Min Li, Qiu Yi Han, Wei Li, Shui Jun Shi, Hao Jun Zhang, Jie Liu, Fu Sheng Li, Shan Duan Zhang
Abstract: As a rapid developing solid state lighting, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have great potential in application of road lighting, but their performance evaluation in a long term are still lacked. In situ and laboratory measurements were conducted for the purpose of comparing the characteristic parameters and lighting performance of three kinds of street lamps: LEDs, high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM) lamps. The results of laboratory measurements in 2000 hours show the three kinds of lamps have almost the same initial luminaire efficacy, which lead to the average road illuminance is proportion to the lamp power. The results of road illuminance distribution measurements in 3000 hours show LEDs have better color rendering index, longitudinal uniformity of illuminance, and maintenance of road illuminance than HPS and CDM lamps.
Authors: Hua Jun Dong, Wen Liang Dong, Dao Shun Wang
Abstract: In order to diagnose the arc shape and the plasma parameters of vacuum switching arc effectively, it is necessary to do digital image processing on the arc images. The noises interfere greatly in the digital image processing of the arc, it makes images fuzzy and submerges the characteristics of the images. In this paper, based on the methods of average filter, two dimensions wavelet filter, wiener filter, several images averaging filter and median filter are used to filter the salt and pepper noised arc images. Combined with the results, we have analyzed and compared the effects of different noises filtering methods.
Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Lei Li, Hong Chun Li, Hui Wu
Abstract: The harm to slope stability caused by blasting is a potential problem in construction of highway, railway, mine and other engineering. Compared with other blasting technology, the harm to slope stability caused by chamber blasting is often much serious. So, more and more people begin realize and investigate it. On the basis of blasting theory and practice, several technical measures on decreasing harm to slope stability in chamber blasting are put forward.
Authors: Li Quan Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, by using Monte Carlo method to study the Solar blind area in the near-Earth atmosphere ultraviolet non-line-of-sight propagation characteristics, and the use of Point to the probability method establish a rapid Monte Carlo model, this model can effectively simulate UV with complex boundary near Earth atmosphere system response function. Comparing with the single-scatter model it shows that, this model has higher accuracy and boundary processing ability. Simulation of obstacle on ultraviolet signal distribution effects, it shows that the UV signal has strong detouring ability. Different elevation on the UV signal propagation is analyzed, the simulation results are consistent with experimental results.
Authors: Li Yun Wu, Yu Zhong Yang
Abstract: The improved grey correlative model was put forward in order to improve the objectivity of grey synthetic evaluation method. Balanced degree was ascertained by entropy theory. Weighted grey correlative degree was synthesized by grey correlative coefficient and entropy weights. Balanced adjacent degree, which was derived from weighted grey correlative degree and balanced degree, was taken as the evaluation criteria in the improved model. Therefore, grey synthetic evaluation result is more reasonable. The model has been applied in the risk assessment on mine ventilation systems in the 4th, 5th and 6th mines Pingdingshan Coal Group Corporation Ltd. The order preference of ventilation systems was attained. At the same time, the problems existing in mine ventilation systems were pointed out, and the corresponding countermeasures were put forward. The evaluation results indicate that the improved method be more reasonable and objective than general grey correlative method.
Authors: Xuan Xiao, Jian Liang Min, Pu Wang
Abstract: It is an important topic to find and identify molecular drug targets for modern drug research. Naturally, to find new or potential drug-GPCRs couples is very useful for determining the new effective medicine target, because GPCRs are among the most frequent targets of therapeutic drugs and proven evolutionary pharmacology value. To realize this, this paper incorporates chemical functional groups of drugs and grey model GM(1,1) based on digital coding of amino acids to formulate the drug-GPCRs couples for statistical prediction. The overall success rate using the fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm by the jackknife test is about 81%. This novel approach will further stimulate the development of scanning target via a computational approach.
Authors: Chi Ai, Xiang Meng, Ming Hao, Wan Chun Zhao, Hui Zhi Zhao
Abstract: Acoustic wave can cause particle vibration in the process of transmission and the energy consumption gradually, and the acoustic wave amplitude will attenuation. Through analysising the propagation path of acoustic wave in the layer media in the process of well cementation., according to the theory of acoustic wave attenuation, the model for calculating the relative acoustical amplitude of well cementation on interfaceⅠ. And on this basis, to discuss the influence factors of relative acoustic on interfaceⅠ

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