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Authors: Jiang Hong Zhen
Abstract: Using the technology of remote sensing, geographical information system, global positioning system and the analysis software of landscape pattern, the paper analyzed 4 sensing images of Tetraena mongolica distribution area in different periods. The dynamic changes of landscape composition and landscape patterns and its impact on the ecological environment was analyzed and discussed. The results showed that the landscape composition in study area has been changed largely and T.mongolica population area has been reduced while the area of farmland, town and industry land, desertification land and else vegetations have been increased. On landscape scale, diversity index increased while dominance index dropped year after year. It indicated that the landscape pattern tend to be fragmented and heterogeneity. It has resulted in the landscape stability and anti-interference ability declined, bring about region ecological environment security questions such as land degradation, environment pollution and biodiversity loss.
Authors: Jun Hua Zong, Lei Mei, Da Zheng Wang, Ya Zhang, Dan Wang
Abstract: Electric propulsion uses stepless variable speed (CVT), and it’s supplied stable power with generator to achieve the purpose of fuel economy. This paper will contrast fuel consumption of traditional propulsion and electric propulsion in multi-working condition ship. For a 36m tuna longline vessel, in this paper ,fuel consumption and fuel economy of these two propulsion methods are analyzed, and it turned out: the electric propulsion method can save fuel 25.1 tons per year, be equal to saving fuel costs 20.8 million RMB and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 tons per year.
Authors: Chao Lung Chiang
Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid differential evolution (HDE) for power economic dispatch (PED) considering units with prohibited operating zones (POZ) and spinning reserve. The HDE equipped with an accelerated operation and a migration operation can efficiently search and actively explore solutions. The multiplier updating (MU) is introduced to handle the equality and inequality constraints of the system. To show the advantages of the proposed algorithm, one example is investigated, and the computational results of the proposed method are compared with that of the previous methods. The proposed approach integrates the HDE and the MU, revealing that the proposed approach has the following merits - ease of implementation; applicability to non-convex fuel cost functions; better effectiveness than previous methods; better efficiency than differential evolution with the MU (DE-MU), and the requirement for only a small population in applying the optimal PED problem of generators with POZ and spinning reserve.
Authors: Chao Yang Wang, Xiao Lu, Gang Wei, Shou Wei Yang
Abstract: Slagging in furnace is a multiple problem that affects the safety, reliability and economy of unit operation in the coal-fired power plant. This paper focused on the cause, hazards and preventive measures of the slagging problem, and then gave the corresponding measures on slagging examples in one power plant by researching deeply on factors that might cause slagging.
Authors: Long Qing Shi, Dao Kun Ni, Jian Guang Cheng
Abstract: The earth's crust Cluck value, the shale abundance value, the sandstone abundance value and so on may become in the weight earth's crust in the different land sector and the rock type the element centralism dispersible standard, becomes the more general geochemistry reference baseline, but uses the above baseline the shortcoming not to consider the natural geochemistry change. When specific area, under the specific geological background conducts the environment geochemistry research, uses the above geochemistry reference baseline the limitation to be more obvious. On the contrary, the environment geochemistry baseline represents in the humanity moves disturbs the local some place prompt survey the element density, is in the research or in monitor plan some specific time some medium the element density, usually is not in the true sense background. Therefore uses the science reasonable method determination soil environment geochemistry baseline, by determined the chemical element nature distribution the spatial variation, is understood the surface environmental pollution and the worsened degree, forecast and monitors the whole world environmental variation the foundation. Therefore, carries out the geochemistry baseline research is an extremely urgent duty. This article will use the statistical method to establish in the Yanzhou mining area surface layer soil heavy metal element As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn environment geochemistry baseline.
Authors: Yi Yang, Guo Hua Wang, Di Liu, Shi Wen Wang
Abstract: With the gradual escalation of mining depth, the problems of deformation and destabilization of high and steep slopes became increasingly severe. The long-term repetitive blasting vibration had long-term cumulative damage effect on the slope stability of Xiaolongtan Open-pit Coal Mine, because it adopted blasting as the principal instrument to exploit rocks. Based on the long-term blasting vibration tests in Xiaolongtan Open-pit Coal Mine, this paper analyses the deformation rules of the creeping slope there under the action of long-term blasting seismic fluctuating load. It analyzes and demonstrates the existence of the cumulative effect of blasting vibration. In addition, it puts forwards that the deep will form sliding surfaces, the superficial place will form different sliding bodies and different regions of the slope will appear deformation under the cumulative effect of the long-term blasting vibration, namely, the damage effect and accelerative effect. The acceleration of the transition process from slowdown creeping flow to stable creeping flow will eventually lead to the formation of accelerative creeping flow, thus resulting in the damage of the slope.
Authors: Xin Liao, Chun Ping Liu, Yun Shi, Yan Dong Tang, Fei Wan, Xiang Dong Bai
Abstract: Tidal drainage effect of confined aquifer is important to well tide interesting many relevant researchers. Through tidal analysis of water level monitoring in Chuan06 well, this paper explored the tidal drainage effect of the confined aquifer and its influence on the well tide. It indicated that: the changes in phase shift (η) and amplitude response (A) were attributed to the changes in transmissivity (T) rather than that in storativity (S), and the tidal drainage effect of isotropic aquifer could be effectively described by Hsieh model.
Authors: Qi Sun, Long Qing Shi, Shan Chen, Dong Jing Xu, Mei Qiu
Abstract: On the basis of back-stripping analysis of 30 wells in Linnan sag,in this paper we calculate the tectonic subsidence as well as the total subsidence about the upper and lower sub-section of Es4 in Linnan sag, then we obtain the graph of the tectonic subsidence and analyze the tectonic subsidence history of Es4, and get a result of the basin’s geological structure moments strength and the tectonic geology, as well as the degree of development of the basin in order to know more about the tectonic history and the law of hydrocarbon accumulation in this area.
Authors: Mei Qiu, Long Qing Shi, Guo Rui Wang, Dong Jing Xu, Qi Sun
Abstract: Based on a great deal of geological data, we analyzed the geological tectonic features of Zhaoguan mine field. On the basis of the analytical method of traditional geology, the paper revealed the general development mechanism of geological structures of this research area. Combined with the fractal theory, and taking the calculation chart of reserve in coal seam as the foundation drawing, the faults and folds can be deeply studied to obtain their fractal characteristics with geological structure complexity in this area quantificationally evaluated.
Authors: Jae Young Kim, Seung Yong Jeong, Gyo Jic Shin, Sang Kug Lee, Kyung Ho Choi
Abstract: Homogenous cesium tungsten tri-oxide (CsxWO3) and molybdenum tri-oxide (Cs0.33MoO3) powder was prepared by solvothermal reaction using (NH4)10H2(W2O7)6, H8MoN2O4 and Cs2CO3 aqueous solution followed by annealing. The cesium doped tungsten tri-oxide (CsxWO3) and the cesium doped molybdenum tri-oxide (CsxMoO3) nanocomposite films was deposited by the sol-gel bar-coating method onto PET-film (polyethylene terephthalate film, thickness 186 ㎛) substrate. The structure and sizes of ceramic particles was observed XRD and PSA spectrometer, the optical properties of their films were investigated by UV-VIS, NIR spectrometer. Synthesized particles typically formed cubic structure for good absorption of NIR, size observed as being 30-100 nm and 3 nanoparticles showed a high transmittance in the visible wavelength region as well as excellent shielding capability of near-infrared (NIR) wavelength, indicating that CsxWO3, Cs0.33MoO3 nanoparticles have a appropriate characteristic as solar filter applications.

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