Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Gong, Long Li, Chang Xing Du

Abstract: A visual modelling approach and its computational technique were proposed to represent and simulate a kind of immune system, which is...

Authors: De Gang Huang, Jian De Wu, Yu Gang Fan, Ting Feng

Abstract: Miniature unmanned helicopter (MUH) is a controlled member which is very complicated, due to their some characteristics such as highly...

Authors: Zhen Kai Guo, Zhao Qing Song, Xin Jiang Wei

Abstract: Rate-dependent hysteresis is a strongly nonlinear phenomenon which exists in the giant magnetostrictive actuator (GMA); it has influence in...

Authors: Wei Dong Yang, Ji Zhao Liu

Abstract: Many mobility models have been proposed for the simulation of vehicular sensor network, however, the existing models seldom consider the...

Authors: Zhao Jun Liu, Zhi Zhang, De Shen Xia

Abstract: On remote sensing imaging platform, quality of image is normally degraded by aliasing. The low-pass filter is commonly used to dealiasing....

Authors: Hui Yu, Yi Zhang, Gao Yang Liu

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the study of consensus problem of multi-agent systems with a time-varying reference state in directed networks with...

Authors: Shu Yi Yang, Cheng Huang, Yan Fang He

Abstract: With the development of computer network and automation technology, network production of NC machine tool has become trend in enterprise....

Authors: Dong Sheng Xu, Jun Kang Tian

Abstract: This paper is concerned with delay-dependent stability for systems with interval time varying delay. By defining a new Lyapunov functional...

Authors: Zhu Hong Zhang

Abstract: This work puts forward a parameter-less and practical immune optimization mechanism in noisy environments to deal with single-objective...

Authors: Jie Hua Zhou, Xia Fu Peng, Li Sang Liu

Abstract: A new type of high precision back propagation (BP) neural network model was proposed and applied to nonlinear time series for improving its...


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