Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Chun Song, Wen Cheng Tang, Hong Kui Jiang, Bo Song Rong, Hong Bin Zhou, Bao Min Li, Ji Sheng Zhu, Zhi Min Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the load condition of the balls in the returner,a dynamic model for the balls moving through the ball-recycling tunel is...

Authors: Xiao Mei Chen, Xiao Feng Meng, Guo Hua Wang

Abstract: a new graph-search algorithm based on multi-attribute decision making (MADM) is proposed. Firstly, A* algorithm is used for graph-search,...

Authors: Qi Zhang, Jun Hai Ma

Abstract: From a mathematical model of one kind complicated financial system, we make a dynamic analysis on this kind of system on the basis of...

Authors: Xing Jin

Abstract: It is an important task for Drug Administration to utilize information technology to strengthen the management of drug sales end, prevent...

Authors: Tao Ze, Xiao Xia Liu

Abstract: A new dual-objective scheduling method based on the controlled Petri net and GA is proposed to the job-shop scheduling problem (JSP) with...

Authors: Chun Ling Liu, Yang Yu, Wen Jie Zhang

Abstract: HZSM-5 zeolite was prepared by treating of NaZSM-5 with phosphoric acid and used as support for TiO2 prepared by sol-gel method. Adsorption...

Authors: Xiao Ming Duan, Hai Bo Xie, Zhi Bin Liu, Hua Yong Yang, Guo Fang Gong

Abstract: Hydraulic thrust system is a critical part of shield tunneling machine. The precise control of the thrust force is a significant task of...

Authors: Peng Huang, Chang Yun Miao, Li Jin Guo, Ying Li

Abstract: This paper presents a new predictive artificial potential field approach for robot soccer path planning under complex and uncertain...

Authors: Sheng Yu Liu, Yuan Yuan Xu, Jin Gao, Cheng Wei Lu, Yi Jin Yang

Abstract: Steel slag is a industry solid waste which come from steel making factory,and is easy to solid-liquid separation, so it posses some...

Authors: Yan Qing, Yi Qiang Wu, Chun Hua Yao

Abstract: Silicon compounds as reinforcement agents in wood modification have an increase improvement in durability, dimension-stability and...


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