Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: En Long Cao, Jian Dong Zhang

Abstract: Considering general weakness in the current development of assembly, the paper analyses the structure of former fuselage and the function of...

Authors: Zhi Gang Chen, Xiao Jiao Lian, Ming Zhou

Abstract: For solving the difficulty of feature signal extraction from vibration signals, a new method based on Independent Component Analysis (ICA)...

Authors: Yun Liu, Zhi Xiang Hou, Dan Yu, Yi Hu Wu

Abstract: Considering ‘The state of car is the outside and mechanized expression of driver character’, the HRV sets of driver are input which could...

Authors: Hui Fang Chen

Abstract: Feature extraction and expression of three-dimensional MCAD entity model is independent of platform. According to STEP, this paper discusses...

Authors: Cai Ling Xu, Fu Qiang Ying

Abstract: In general, filling velocity of indirect squeeze casting mainly causes gas wrapping and slag inclusion, and it influences quality of casting...

Authors: Xiao Yi Wang, Jing Liang Liu, Fu Qiang Chen, Zhi Zhen Qiu

Abstract: Bionic walking mechanism is an important part of bionic motion machinery. According to the characteristics of biped walking, a new...

Authors: Yun Zhun Fu, Xu Zhang

Abstract: DMC-PID cascade control strategy was adopted to apply on high accuracy constant temperature air conditioning system because constant...

Authors: Chang Yin Gao, Wan Quan Li

Abstract: In order to enhance measurement precision of the piezoelectric micro-actuator, by means of the transformation rule of tensor the research on...

Authors: Ling Ling Li, Fen Fen Zhu, Chun Wen Yang, Zhi Gang Li

Abstract: According to the situation of randomness and fuzziness existing in the actual project, this paper proposed a reliability-credibility model...

Authors: Ji Gang Li, Xue Hua Ji, Bo Wang, Yu Kang, Chao Ying Guo

Abstract: This paper presents a basic principle of ultrasonic vibration metallographic sample cutting machine. Ultrasonic vibration cutting machine...


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