Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiang Sun, Ju Long Lan, Yu Feng Li

Abstract: According to zero-copy idea and the application of multi-core binding to realize a high-performance packet capture platform based on...

Authors: Chuan Bo Liu, Li Ming

Abstract: To get more appropriate louvered fin structure of a series of subcompact radiators, Fluent was used to analyze the subcompact radiator...

Authors: Huai Zhong Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the turning issue of PID control in industrial processes, a strategy of applying variable PID parameters was presented. This paper...

Authors: Zheng Dong, Da Gui Huang, De Yin Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes a distributed intelligent system for forest fire detection based on integration of information from several distributed...

Authors: Jian Cao, Xiao Ping Zhu

Abstract: This paper discusses training structure and procedure about inversible system of neural network. Subsequently, selection of input signals is...

Authors: Xiao Yong Zhong, Xiao Hong Zhang

Abstract: A new type of steel wire rope non destructive evaluation (NDE) apparatus is presented. It is composed of Hall sensor and signal processing...

Authors: Song Hao Piao, Xian Feng Wang, Wen Zhao, Qiu Bo Zhong

Abstract: In this paper, a new gait research for humanoid robot is presented. By computing the trajectory of center of mass (CoM) for humanoid robot,...

Authors: Xue Song Yan, Qing Hua Wu, Cheng Yu Hu, Qing Zhong Liang

Abstract: During the space electronic system in carries out the exploratory mission in the deep space, it maybe faced with kinds of violent natural...

Authors: Wen Bin Lu, Feng Jie Sun, Ying Li Luo, Ying Yan, Zhi Jun Liu, Xiao Wei Bi, Peng Fei Li, Yong Quan Chen

Abstract: A set of TWACS system is designed and implemented in this paper by analyzing the transmission characteristics of the TWACS signals in the...

Authors: Ya Hui Wu, Da Zhi Zhang, Xin Liang Li, Jing Feng Xue

Abstract: The characteristics of the continuous wavelet transform scalogram of the aeroengine vibration signal could show the fault symptomatic in the...


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