Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Sang Liu, Xia Fu Peng, Jie Hua Zhou

Abstract: To enhance the ship’s seaworthiness and seakeeping capacity, a new prediction algorithm based on Gray RBF neural network is presented to...

Authors: Li Yong Ma, Xi Li He, Zi Shen Huang

Abstract: With the rapid development of autonomous underwater vehicles, image produced from sidescan sonar mounted on these vehicles has attracted...

Authors: Xin Yong Xu, Jian Wei Wang, Jing Tian

Abstract: Based on the plastic damage model for concrete, this paper realizes the simulated construction for the preloading filling spiral case (PSC)...

Authors: Zhi Sheng Jing, Yun Liu, Shan Chao Tu, Feng Li, Guo Wei Qin

Abstract: The traditional method of propulsion of Amphibious vehicles in water has tracked the water, propeller and waterjet propulsion. But the...

Authors: Ming Yi Zhu, Xiang Yang Zhao, Qing Liu

Abstract: Using GT-Power software to establish the simulation model of the working process of an engine coupled with the muffler, insertion loss and...

Authors: Zhi Xuan Jia, Hui Gang Zhang, Jie Li

Abstract: According to vehicle suspension structure, a 2-DOF (degrees of freedom) semi-active hydraulic suspension model for 1/4 vehicle is built....

Authors: Yang Peng Wang, Yong Hua Zhou, Pin Wu, Jia Jie Chen

Abstract: Cellular automata (CA) models are the idealization of physical systems with assumed discrete space and time and a finite number of discrete...

Authors: Min Zhang, Tao Yu, Guo Fang Zhai

Abstract: The paper analyzes the characteristics of an intelligent transportation system (ITS) to explore the impact on urban transport of the ideas...

Authors: Yi Hui Zeng, Jia Qiang E, Xian Ping Yang, Hong Mei Li

Abstract: In order to make sure a high-accuracy and fast- speed survey, a Soft-sensing model for the roughness of machining surface was built based on...

Authors: Wei Hua Su, Xiao Hui Zhang

Abstract: By using analysis of the infinity image of the space camera, we intend to obtain the curve of the dynamic modulation transfer function. We...


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