Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Yong Ding, Lan Shu, Chang Cheng Xiang, Xiu Liu

Abstract: This brief investigates the stability problem of discrete-time switched positive systems with delays, and establishes some necessary and...

Authors: Zhi Zheng Wu

Abstract: This paper considers a regulation problem for discrete-time switched bimodal linear systems. First, a set of observer-based -parameterized...

Authors: Lin Bo Xie, Fang Huang, He Guang Liu

Abstract: This paper is concerned with closed-loop stability analysis and dynamic quantization parameters design of discrete-time networked control...

Authors: Wei Huang, Jun Qiu, Xiao Hui Zhu

Abstract: Based on finite element theory, pillar structure of the model parameters was established, and analyzed its static and dynamic performance....

Authors: Juan Wang, Tao Zhang

Abstract: A static output feedback (SOF) control schemes are proposed. The basic idea of it is to construct piecewise quadratic Lyapunov function and...

Authors: Tun Li, Gong Shen Liu

Abstract: Establishment of one process and some ameliorations of decision tree’s algorithm in order to predict the second day’s price change. The...

Authors: Hui Yong Guo, Zheng Liang Li

Abstract: In order to solve the damage detection problem, a damage detection method based on strain energy and evidence theory is presented in this...

Authors: Zhong Xu, Quan Fu Wang, Ning Li, Jian Wei Zhao

Abstract: Following the previous study [Chemistry Letters 2007, 10, 1278.] on specific electron transport pathway in porphyrin, the electron transfer...

Authors: Yi Su Hua

Abstract: The development situation and typical structure of color sorter were described in this paper. Based on the analysis of color sorter’s...

Authors: Bao Dong Shao, He Ming Cheng, Jian Yun Li, Zi Liang Li, Li Jun Hou, Jie Hou, Li Feng Wang, Dong Fang Ding, Chong Tian

Abstract: Though gas quenching has several advantages, such as minimal environmental impact, little deformation, low energy cost, clean products, and...


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