Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Hui Wang, Guo Quan Zhao, Yan Min Zhao, Hong Gao, Jin Long Yang

Abstract: The solid-reaction was applied to synthesize perovskite-phase Lanthanum Aluminate powders by using AlOOH and La2(C2O4)3 as raw materials,...

Authors: Bao Dong Shao, He Ming Cheng, Jian Yun Li, Zi Liang Li, Li Jun Hou, Jie Hou, Li Feng Wang, Dong Fang Ding, Chong Tian

Abstract: In order to analyses the effect of structure of collection loop on two-phase flow field in quenching furnace, the complex flow field in...

Authors: Yong Lin, Jin Hua Yao, Xiao Long Yao, Fan Yang

Abstract: According to the characteristics of the Chinese e-government development, the paper presents the customer satisfaction indicators about...

Authors: Yao Song Huang, Shi Liu, Jie Li, Jing Lei

Abstract: The identification of stability about flame combustion plays a vital role in the industrial production of plants. Paper integrates the phase...

Authors: Min Sheng Tan, Hai Tao Tan, Meng Chen, Xiang Li

Abstract: B-MAC was a kind of MAC protocol which was widely used in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), and some high requirements had been provided for...

Authors: Yi Wang, Ping Jiang, Yao Hui Luo, Yan Qun Xie

Abstract: The number of construction machinery faults is too much and its diagnosis are fuzzy and complex. We construct the fault hierarchy model by...

Authors: Zhi Ying Yao, Hai Qing Cao

Abstract: Much information in MES is unstructured, such as drawing and document. It is very important for MES to reasonably manage and reuse the...

Authors: Yu Jen Hu, Yuh Hua Hu, Jyh Bin Ke

Abstract: We proposed a categorized method of DNA sequences matrix by FCM (fuzzy cluster means). FCM avoided the errors caused by the reduction of...

Authors: Xu Zhang, Dong Mei Zhao, Chen Qiu, Jia Dong Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the difference between the changes of the grid structure in its break mode and the normal operational mode. A secondary...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhao, Hui Xuan Zhang

Abstract: Polybutadiene-graft-polystyrene (PB-g-PS) latex were prepared via emulsion graft copolymerization method. The weight ratios of polybutadiene...


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