Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation

Volumes 48-49

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Wang, Xin Yuan Huang, Sheng Ju Sang

Abstract: A study on integrate multiple methods including design table, equations, shared data link and API programming design tools in SolidWorks is...

Authors: Feng Yan Yi, Chang Feng Zhou

Abstract: The shock absorber model and front beam model of a domestic car are built using UG according to the existing two-dimensional drawings. And...

Authors: Xing Li, Jian Hui Wang, Xiao Ke Fang

Abstract: In this paper, aiming at the structure of upper-limb rehabilitation robot, establish the model of algorithmic control based on fuzzy neural...

Authors: Jian Bing Xia Hou, Jin Tong Rao, Yuan Li, Yin Yao

Abstract: In this paper, a visual solution is presented about virtual reality tour of Web3D based on VRML. After analysis of polyline architectural...

Authors: Xiao Mei Lin, Juan Wang, Qing Hua Yao

Abstract: Spectrum signal may contain many peaks or mutations and noise also is not smooth white noise, to this kind of signal analysis, must do...

Authors: Zeng Shou Dong, Yue Jun Hao, Ren Wang Song, Jian Chao Zeng

Abstract: This paper designs a failure signal remote collection terminal based on engineering mechanical hydraulic system. The terminal takes ATmega16...

Authors: Yan Pin Li, Jun Peng Ma, De Xin Chen

Abstract: The author analyzed the working characteristics of special turbine for cooling tower basing on the difference between the special turbine...

Authors: Jiu Chun Gu, Ping Wang, Yan Chen

Abstract: In order to achieve vehicle information in area passageway, many police bureaus or traffic management bureaus had implemented intelligent...

Authors: Bao Ye Song, Guo Hui Tian, Jun Liu, Feng Yu Zhou, Yan Ru Zhang

Abstract: The detection of abnormal behaviors is one of the most important issues in the health monitoring system. Computer vision based techniques,...

Authors: Yi Wang, Ping Jiang, Yao Hui Luo, Yan Qun Xie

Abstract: The number of construction machinery faults is too much and its diagnosis are fuzzy and complex. We construct the fault hierarchy model by...


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