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Authors: Jing Zhong Xiao, Li Xiao
Abstract: K-Means algorithm is one of the mostly used foundation algorithm in data mining, it base on a greedy clustering algorithm. This paper will introduce this algorithm and analysis. Then prove the correctness of the algorithm. And then show the productivity of this algorithm. And at last, this paper will show some improvement to K-Means algorithm, including how to choose initial center points, and how to calculate the means. This will improve the algorithm at a certain extent.
Authors: Li Xiao, Jing Zhong Xiao
Abstract: In order to detect a large number of source program samples which are homologous files (files with plagiarism), a new graph-based cluster detection algorithm is proposed,the algorithm is divided into two phases, in the first phase, proposed algorithm based on the keyword program to calculate pairwise similarity in the detected sample program files,in the second stage,by means of graph clustering algorithm, the results of the first phase is dectected, homologous files (files with plagiarism) will form a cluster. The simulation results shows that the algorithm improved detection rate compare with the traditional homologous files detection algorithm and can determine which files are homologous.
Authors: Hou Guo Fang, Ping Hui Liu, Tao Zhang
Abstract: In order to meet the running needs of the first-stage construction in the middle line of South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the canal lining of both sides of Yellow River Tunnels Project need the use of mechanized equipment construction in order to improve the quality and efficiency of lining construction, there is a need to study the feasibility of the use of polypropylene fiber concrete instead of reinforced concrete in canal lining. This paper analyzes the effect of polypropylene fiber on concrete shrinkage and crack resistance. The results show that all three polypropylene fibers have properties of a low density and high elongation, the dispersivity test results show that dispersivity is better when stirring fiber A after a certain period of time. After the incorporation of polypropylene fibers, the concrete splitting tensile strength is significantly increased, altogether with ultimate tensile value and frost resistance. The incorporation of polypropylene fibers increases the tensile strength of concrete and improve the toughness of it. Compared with standard concrete, the early shrinkage of polypropylene fiber concrete is significantly lower, the incorporation of polypropylene fibers can take the place of steel mesh in concrete cracking, especially in the early control of concrete cracks, it can effectively prevent and suppress the cracks formation and development. This paper recommends the concrete proportioning parameters meeting the requirements of canal lining concrete technology and construction.
Authors: Xiao Fei Wang
Abstract: In the internet age, normalization has become an important means to optimize structure of tourism and improve level of tourism services. Tourism informatization service for tourists has achieved its initial success; it has provided convenience for tourists’ trip to book tourism online and publish destination information online. So, it is necessary to carry on discussion and research on the service’s current situation, characteristic and development trend of tourism informatization service for tourists. This article has analyzed main restraining factors of informatization service in tourism economy management, and proposed corresponding management countermeasures for existing problems.
Authors: Hao Chen
Abstract: In this paper, a fuzzy switching bang-bang controller-based theoretical bang-bang was designed and implemented in the laboratory and its effectiveness in tracking application has been verified. The key advantage is the ease of the design and flexibility. The ability of the fuzzy bang-bang controller to achieve the tracking process with a high degree of accuracy, even in the presence of external disturbance was illustrated. The sensitivity of the proposed controller to rapid load changes in the external load was verified, and very promising results were observed. Experimental results confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed controller in position tracking and robustness to system parameter variations. The fuzzy switching bang-bang controller showed definite promise for this application due to the ability to combine many control laws together in a simple, intuitive manner.
Authors: Thet Thet Mon, J. Ramli, Jeefferie Abd Razak, Safian Sharif, V.C. Venkatesh
Abstract: This research presents performance of nitrogen gas as a coolant in machining titanium. Compressed nitrogen gas stored in a cylindrical tank is supplied to the cutting zone via the stainless steel tube of 2x8x25mm (inside diameter x outside diameter x length) connected to the flexible hose and specially-designed valve with pressure controller. Machining experiments are carried out on conventional turning center. The cutting tool used is triangular insert of ISO-TPGN160308 with the holder (ISO-CTGPR3232K). The cutting insert grade is KC5010 (TiAlN3 coated carbide) as recommended by Kennametal for machining titanium. During machining, the tube is manually directed to be just-above the tool rake face and the nitrogen gas is supplied with high pressure so that the cutting zone receives an effective cooling as well as the chip brakes easily. The effectiveness of this new cooling strategy is demonstrated by the cutting edge condition and surface finish after machining at various speeds, and also by comparing with performance of conventional coolant. The result is found to be excellent in terms of relative amount of tool wear and surface finish. The cutting insert has surprisingly remained almost intact when using nitrogen gas coolant whereas severe tool wear occurred with conventional coolant even at low cutting speed. This cryogenic strategy also improved machined surface quality greatly.
Authors: Gui Ling Deng, Zhi Yong Peng
Abstract: Adhesive jet dispensing is widely used in many applications. To achieve nano, precise and efficient dispensing, an electromagnetic drive dispenser is proposed. In this paper, the characteristics of a sample electromagnetic drive dispenser are measured and analyzed. According to the specialties of the sample dispenser, several improved suggestions are given, and the improved results are verified by a simulation model.
Authors: Gui Ling Deng, Jin Chen
Abstract: This paper introduces the structure and working principle of a jet dispenser based on giant magnetostrictive actuator(GMA), builds the mathematics and simulation model of the jet dispenser, researches its dynamic characteristics and analyses the simulation results. The simulation results show that the needle displacement, needle velocity and accumulated fluid volume are consistent with actual situation. It demonstrates that the model can correctly reflect the dispenser's dynamic characteristics.
Authors: Gui Ling Deng, Can Zhou
Abstract: Thermal deformation is an important factor to affect the accuracy of the motorized spindle, the core component of high-speed machine tool. To understand the spindle system transient thermal characteristics of the high-speed turning center CH7516GS, some high-precision sensors and high-frequency data acquisition system is used to establish the temperature and displacement measuring system. The thermal deformation compensation model is established on the basis of the experimental test results.
Authors: Ming Tian, Ju Long Lan, Peng Yi, Sheng Ping Zhu
Abstract: To effectively avoid congestion and take full usage of bandwidth inside a network, an algorithm to increase the number of multi-next-hop routes: Destination-Generalized Multi-next-hop Routing Algorithm (DGMRA) is proposed. Simulation results show that through route combination, the number of next-hop is increased, and the throughput performance is improved compared with the single-next-hop algorithm and multi-next-hop algorithm based on shortest-path-tree mechanism.

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