Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 52-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Chang

Abstract: PLA fiber is a green eco-fiber of excellent properties and sustainable development, with adequate sources of raw materials, low energy...

Authors: Yuan Li Yang

Abstract: By analysis on the realization for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, TC35i module of CTI (Computer Telecommunication...

Authors: Yi Bo Li, Dao Hui Wu, Ming Hui Huang, Xin Jiang Lu

Abstract: 800MN forging press uses plate laminated parallel structure as the main bearing mode, where the force transfer and the stiffness match play...

Authors: Qiu Xia Hu, Dong Jian He, Jie Tian, Peng Cheng Zheng

Abstract: Identification of poisonous plants especially outdoor diet was practical for tourism in exciting outdoor travel. A new method called...

Authors: B. Li, J. Yu, Suo Qing Yu, A.B. Wang, Y.H. Jiang, Y.H. Zhang

Abstract: The forging method with horizontal V-shaped anvils (HVA) is effective in the control of inner stress states, metal tissue, etc. FEM...

Authors: Prachya Peasura

Abstract: This research was to effect of electrode force on the tensile shear and nugget size of the resistance spot welding. The specimen was...

Authors: Guang Zhu Zhou, Xu Wei, Chen Yu

Abstract: This paper is mainly to study earth pressure on Gcrw used as a new kind of supporting structures in the excavation of deep foundation pits...

Authors: Li Jie Feng, Jin Feng Wang, Zhao Hui Li, Hua Ke Zhong

Abstract: The paper describes a type of serial running mode that boost pump provides water floating and the main submersible pump runs in a no-diving...

Authors: Yu Qing Liu, Yan Xiang Wu, Hai Bo Huo

Abstract: In this paper, we established a bridge three-dimensional finite element model for the structural dynamic analysis according to the geometry...

Authors: Darwin Sebayang, Deni S. Khaerudini, Hendi Saryanto, M.A. Othman, Mat Husin Saleh, D. Fredrick, Pudji Untoro

Abstract: This paper investigates the efficiency of two consolidation processing techniques prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) and hot pressing...


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