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Authors: Da Ming Wang, Ming Zhe Li, Zhong Yi Cai
Abstract: 3D rolling is a novel technology for three-dimensional surface parts. In this process, by controlling the gap between the upper and lower forming rolls, the sheet metal is non-uniformly thinned in thickness direction, and the longitudinal elongation of the sheet metal is different along the transverse direction, which makes the sheet metal generate three-dimensional deformation. In this paper, the transition zones of spherical surface parts in 3D rolling process are investigated. Spherical surface parts with the same widths but different lengths are simulated in condition of the same roll gap, and their experimental results are presented. The forming precision of forming parts and the causes of transition zones in the head and tail regions are analyzed through simulated results. The simulated and experimental results show that the lengths of transition zones of spherical surfaces in the head and tail regions are fixed values in condition of the same sheet width and roll gap.
Authors: Xiao Qun Li, Jia Li, Peng Wang, Yu Zou
Abstract: For the problem of the interference between the machining tooth surface and the major flank face, the calculation method of the interference amount is put forward. The interference amount is defined as the distance of the points on the machining tooth surface to the major flank face. The position of the tooth surface and the major flank face is judged using the model of the tooth surface and the major flank face. So the model of interference amount is get. On this basis, impact law of cutter parameters and machining parameters on interference amount is analyzed. As a result the evidence for the reasonable selection of cutter parameters and machining parameters is provided.
Authors: Guo Lai Yang, Xiao Li Zhang, Jia Ye Fan, Li Hao Zhu, Qiang Chen, Wen Qi Li
Abstract: Based on the principle of gear engagement, the equation of rotor tooth profile has been reduced in this paper and has drawn the actual cycloid tooth profile by MATLAB software, the data obtained from MATLAB Workspace is processed by EXCEL, so the parameter drawing of the full gear tooth profile curve is very easy in AutoCAD software platform. This design method has high accuracy and convenient to processing in CNC machining center.
Authors: Li Qun Li
Abstract: General aviation, is refers to the civil aviation activities that is used a civil aircraft engaged in outside of public air transport, including industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and homework flight of the construction industry and medical and health, disaster relief, meteorological observation, ocean monitoring, scientific experiment, education and training, culture and sports and other party and flight activities. Therefore, every airline is necessary to set up its own set of flight operation control system. This paper introduces the concept of flight operation control system, system structure and functions of each module, and is given flight operation control system application solutions; provide reference for improving the flight operation and management level in our country.
Authors: Chen Bo Zhao
Abstract: With the rapid development of the mechanical and electrical industry, enterprises are increasingly concerned about the degree of precision CNC machine tools. The traditional CNC machine can only perform simple parts processing operations, gradually exposing the shortcomings of high precision parts. To solve this problem, in this paper, we propose that combined SPCE061A SCM and MASTER-K10S PLC, to improve the function and precision of CNC machine tool control systems, and promote the efficiency and reliability of industrial production.
Authors: Hong Kun Pan
Abstract: Air-conditioning system is the importance facilities to provide people with the comfort service, and air conditioning energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total building energy consumption. However, the elevator system is an important transport vertical transport of high-rise buildings. Therefore, this article combines intelligent control technology with traditional air-conditioning control technology and elevator group control technology to solve the existing problem of air-conditioning control system, and greatly improve the transport capacity of the elevator system. Under the precondition of ensuring environmental comfort and improving systems, reduce the energy consumption of the system obviously.
Authors: Bing Feng Qian, Xi Pei Ma, Shao Jie Xin
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel auto-control mode of the ship loader. Presents a method of bulk ship loader’s remote-operation that controlled by the port’s central-monitor. Meanwhile, Design a load-inspect system for the auto-control loader by the technology of sensor inspection and image manipulation.This control mode is worth to continue to explore.
Authors: Lian Jun Zhu, Yu Cai Dong, Jian Guang Yuan, Liang Hai Yi, Ge Hua Fan
Abstract: Because of the high temperature and high pressure environment inside the annular combustor of an aircraft engine, the direct measurement of the burner noise is very difficult. This paper set up the model of the total sound level and the effect factor SVR though analyzing the relationship between the total sound level and noise parameters of the combustion chamber the annular combustor an aircraft engine and the influence factors,, and it is better than multiple regression mode and the projection pursuit regression model, and predict the predicting samples so it is important for aero-engine design and reliability analysis.
Authors: Gang Yuan, Yin Zhang, Pin Xu, Zhong Yi Wu
Abstract: This study mainly focuses on the synchronization problems of whole-body CT scanner. A master-slave synchronous control method is used to achieve synchronism between the gantry rotation motor and the bed moving motor in helical scanning mode, while the cascade control method is used to enhance the stability of each motor. In order to keep synchronous control, a control law is designed by the eigenstructure assignment method, which insures the accuracy of the signal tracking of the periodic load disturbance during the dual-motor synchronous control, and eliminates the adverse effects brought by periodic load. The proposed algorithm is simulated on MATLAB, and compared with the traditional PID algorithm. In addition, the algorithm is implemented on ARM9 and evaluated on a realistic synchronization control experimental platform designed by us. Both the simulation and realistic experimental results indicate that the algorithm is feasible for helical scanning.

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